@RCArmitage Has Berlin Station and Mike Bartlett in Mind, No?

One thought on “@RCArmitage Has Berlin Station and Mike Bartlett in Mind, No?

  1. Mhm, possibly… i would say security and spying on people is very much a topic, whistleblowing a bit less at this precise time. But it certainly bring up the topic of how much surveillance is justified for safety and such and this can always be linked to whistleblowing about too much of it.. and then there is spying and reading emails and such 😉 There was a very interesting debate on TV yesterday about security in current circumstances and specialists from information and security bodies all argued very strongly against additional controls and for openness and democracy and civil rights as ultimately this is what terrorists hope to put under threat. It was a very interesting discussion and not the way i would have thought the argument from that side would go.

    By the way have i just missed any opinions about Wild? or did nobody express anything in writing? sorry tied up at work so i might have missed things. i do mean to go back to your post about the LLL poster, where i very much agree with what you have said and the examples given 🙂


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