Armitage+ Audible + Italian Vino = What Book?

Was Richard Armitage just commenting on some shared wine he might have enjoyed with the Audible production crew, or, does the tweet say something more, like a tease for his new audiobook?

No rights needed for an Italian classic or a classic that takes place in Italy?  Forster, or The Marble Faun,  or The Aspern Papers, by  Henry James.

Any ideas?


18 thoughts on “Armitage+ Audible + Italian Vino = What Book?

  1. I am thinking that maybe he was having a glass of wine to relax before he started reading/recording the book. I remembered seeing one of his interviews and he told somebody that he sings to warm up his vocals before he reads/records, maybe he decided to have a glass of wine instead.


  2. the garganega e trebbiano are grape varieties from the Veneto region , typically known for the Soave Superiore wine, which is a DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita). It is delicious! oh… and it is a wine principally coming from a particular area in Veneto… Verona 🙂 Oh, it brings back all kinds of delightful memories 🙂 not least the amazing Due Torri Baglioni which if one wants to travel back in time and feel like a rich Juliette is the perfect place.

    So, i guess with 2 clues we must reach the logical conclusion — ‘ might put an end / to this bitter feud of men?’ 🙂 Did the Capulets and Montagues drink Soave Superiore? Possibly, maybe not as it is today but they would have certainly drunk some garganega based wine 🙂

    So, will he indeed be reading one of my least favourite Shakespeare plays? hm. 🙂 Oh why not a historical one or why not The Merchant of Venice? Why does audible not go a bit outside the beaten track, although i suppose no Shakespeare is quite off the beaten track. Then again having a voice of his quality and him as a narrator is off the beaten track for Romeo and Juliet. I confess to be convinced only once by it, in the Baz Luhrmann version. Although there is a beautiful jewel in that play that i would take immense pleasure in listening to from his lips, Mercutio’s Queen Mab speech 🙂

    Well, all in all i wouldn’t mind a short trip to Verona with you, Mr Armitage.


    • Great analysis, Hariclrea! Thank you for sharing this. Now it’s even more exciting for me. Look forward to the announcement.


      • 😉 i just drink predominantly Italian wines so this rang a bell 😉 wonder if he was underwhelmed we didn’t mind react to his cue… sometimes you are way to cryptic Mr A, we can’t read your mind, you know? 😉 Not sure it’s the whole RJ but there is certainly something of Verona i would say 🙂 Now just need to find some bottles to indulge in while listening 🙂


    • But as I said to Julia, one voice in a play might be difficult to dramatize, and I haven’t heard that AJ Hartley & David Hewson are working on some novelized version. Maybe he’ll be doing excerpts or famous passages.

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  3. This Shakespearean possibility has me wondering if it will be another AJ Hartley/David Hewson collaboration like Hamlet was? They definitely experienced fantastic sales on the last one, no doubt partly due to RA’s involvement, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t seek him out for the next one. I wasn’t able to find any mention of another collaboration on their websites, though.


  4. Oops. I didn’t see your comment before I replied above. the last we heard, was the idea of the duo writing a novel of Othello with Idris Elba, but it was their joke, at the time.


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