RCArmitage – We Figured This Out

But, you won’t be able to end the analysis.

17 thoughts on “RCArmitage – We Figured This Out

    • I think Servetus has it covered on Twitter and in a recent comment section. Started with the fan who simply questioned why he deleted Orlando because it was futile, but tweeted for Nice.


  1. Hehe, was there ever a conversation part????? Twitter seems more like a one-way street to me – at least when it comes to “communication” with RA…


  2. In case you are not familiar with the tweeter, she is the one who had the winning bid on his Hannibal doodle. She was then offended by his Berlin graffiti and Wall’s ice cream tweets, and announced she was unfollowing him and sending back his doodle. She has since had a critical reply to nearly all of his tweets. She then waits for anyone to come to her defense and thanks them, while she complains to Richard how his fans bully her. *sigh*


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