@RCArmitage Tries to Shut it Down and Blame Will Follow.

Armitage Agonistes

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In case you missed it – (did any fan miss it) Richard Armitage, in a highly unusual action, announced what it means when he deletes a tweet – which we all know he does serially. What it means is that he wants the conversation, and particularly the “analysis”of his deleted tweet to end. Basically Shut the F Up.

This was hard news for those of us who are frequently accused of over-analyzing @RCArmitage’s tweets and other writings.as well as for fans who now and then have a beef with him or other fans about his Twittering and untwittering. Not because the practice would cease ( see also) and be sure to check out the analysis and discussion in the comments,. Why it was hard news, as far as I’m concerned, is (1) I am one of those fans who needs to talk about, discuss and debate – to…

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16 thoughts on “@RCArmitage Tries to Shut it Down and Blame Will Follow.

    • my guess too, he seems to read some but can’t read all, given his latest a bit stressful reactions i’d go to not reading any 😉 But then again that’s been my attitude for more than a year now, read him, don’t read the responses. Because whatever he says there is always some kind of hoo-ha in the end. I think he probably sees the immediate reactions because he has been sort of responding to his own tweets and he probably sees the other responses that have come up before he leaves the place.
      It’s certainly been a very stressful overload recently, with news and reactions, i’ve felt it and it seems he’s felt some of it, with being here and all and probably with the pressure of work too which fell through due to time clashes. He seems to have had more knee jerk reactions than ever which have extended beyond news comments. Probably time to take a deep breath and find a bit of normality, not easy but it’s been beyond wearing and frustrating as there is nothing one can do about what is happening and there is a risk the frustration which is natural blows over in the wrong places. I’ve had rows with parents i normally manage to avoid :-S It’s so easy to get sucked in, but we have to be adult enough to pull ourselves out of it before we lash out. Cause you inevitably regret doing it.
      Having said that normality is very hard to regain these days…. it still feels like the word is on its head….

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      • Oddly, there were relatively few fan replies ( except ” the you go, guy” type) to the explanatory tweet. Most of the discussion, that I saw, was on blogs and in comments. So, why do you think he deleted a tweet that contained a very specific message to his followers?


        • for similar reasons maybe as when he deleted the tweet earlier about him being a person and acting being the job, because he regretted how it might have come across, he may wish some discussions to end at some point but with a more steady minute to think on it thought it might have sounded like shutting people up rather than putting some end at some point to a contradictory discussion that is going nowhere. We all regret some things we say and they don’t always come out the way we mean it generally. He doesn’t have the luxury to walk away from his own feed like we do, or at least i do. The only way to escape it sometimes is to press delete, not great but i can totally see how one would want to put their hands over their ears or eyes sometimes 🙂 I do, i just don’t tweet about it like he did.

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          • Yes. Maybe he realized, through his own thought process or by knowing the fan reaction, that he came off with the wrong message. That is probably a popular theory.


      • It certainly does feel like the world is on its head, on both sides of the pond. I am afraid to look at the news, anymore. It’s tempting to try to shut it out. I’ve noticed a number of people dropping off Twitter entirely. Maybe they need a break.

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