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Love_1000x381Keep a look out, fans coming to New York. I’m working on an extensive run down of all the ways to get from the airport or train stations  into Manhattan and the theater district, as well as NYC practice for taking taxis and tipping in restaurants.

If any fans out there already have this knowledge down pat, please share.

If you’re not staying in the area near the theater, let me know.

I welcome all the help I can get from more frequent travelers. I’m a wuss and I take taxis and T-cars (Private Car Services), ( no friends or family  want to drive you to or pick you up from the airport) but there is plenty of public transportation and lots of information on line.

First suggestion is if you have choices of airports, choose Laguardia first, Newark (NJ) second and JFK third. What you spend more on a flight, you may save on the transportation and convenience.

13 thoughts on “Love, Love, Love NYC Transportation Placeholder

  1. Wow, this would be so great! I can’t see the play this time but maybe for the next one and I’ve never been to NYC so this would be a great help.


  2. As a non New Yorker, I found the LaGuardia to Manhattan transport really easy to arrange…we pre booked a car (I want to say it was around $20 a person each way) I know public trans is far less expensive, but takes a lot longer.


    • How did that work out, because I have had bad experience ordering a car to pick me up at the airport. A taxi is a flat fee of $ 40.00 The cost of a private car now is only about $ 10 more.


      • I think we used Super Shuttle with the private sedan option. Car was there when we arrived and then we scheduled a hotel pick up for the return trip…no problems for us. Does Uber to airport runs?

        Do you know how many passengers are allowed at the flat fee taxi?


        • I have heard that Uber does airport pick ups and deliveries, though I am surprised they are allowed) and I am checking into that with NYC friends. They are the cheapest car option, I am told. I have to check on the taxi situation, because they also charge for a bag, I think. I know they will take at least two. Three can fit in the back (crowded) I know the cost is not per person. The issues I had were with private car services ( we call them T Cars). Since they are not allowed to park curbside, they circle around the airport until they contact you by cell, and I had two bad experiences doing that late at night. On the other hand, what you are describing is sanctioned by the Port Authority. The return is never a problem.


            • I’m going to have to change this. LaGuardia does not have a flat rate the way JKK does, but it’s about $ 40.00’however, I see that Lyft (??) like Uber? is offering $ 50 free credit for new accounts. I have to check it out. I’m thinking your shuttle service is a very good option. Te shuttle bus or van is only $ 15.00.

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  3. Took our daughter to Newark airport today and learned NEVER to take a cab there again. No flat rate from Grand Central – it cost more than $80! We returned on the Express Bus to Manhattan, right outside terminal and just $17pp (stops at Port Authority / Bryant Park / Grand Central).


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