LLL – Fans – Try the Neighborhood “Hell’s Kitchen” for Hotels

Nothing fancy, but not for from where you need to be, and I’m seeing three nights over a weekend for $600-$700. Hotels are cheaper during the week.

Think about buddying up with another fan.

22 thoughts on “LLL – Fans – Try the Neighborhood “Hell’s Kitchen” for Hotels

  1. Americans are typically hostile to this idea, but it doesn’t bother Europeans so much — there are two pretty neat hotels with shared bathroom accommodations within about a mile of the theater — Pod 39 and Pod 51. The price drops about $70/ night if you can deal with that wrinkle.


    • Good to know. I saw them and a few hostel or pension kinds of places. I also know some all night diners in case anyone really wants to rough it. 🙂


    • The rub is that many fans are new to New York and want to be close. There are better prices in some out of the way neighborhoods. Also, AirB&B and Craig’s List advertise rooms for the night. A little dicey, but I know people who do it.


      • you can also get under $200 if you don’t mind Chelsea or the financial district. Just a longer walk, that i think is safe, or you have to take the subway.

        I got a hotel that is close by, mainly for the reason that (a) in London I was always dazed after the performance and appreciated not having to think much to get home and (b) if I was going to hang around, then preferably right there with a drink and someone to talk to. London complicated everything b/c of Tube stopping at midnight, but I do think that being close is worth a little bit, all other things being equal.


        • I do, too, especially if one is unfamiliar with subways. The neighborhoods you cited are very safe. Both are close to the right subway lines. There are also B & Bs to find. The financial district is deserted at night, but still safe. Fans just have to be willing to take their time on line searching – if they can buddy up, that would be a help, so they could share a double room. Many want to meet each other for the first time, anyway.


  2. Perry, Last time I was in NYC we stayed in Newark and just took the PATH train over to the city. The Best Western we stayed at is just over $100 a night and they have a shuttle to take you to the train station. Do you think this would be doable late at night? I’m thinking I would need to take the subway, after getting off the PATH, up to the theater and then reverse it on the way back. Just want to make sure it’s not too complicated and the trains won’t stop running later at night. Any feedback would be appreciated.


    • I’ve never done it. I think the transportation aspects are convenient and sound. My guess is that even people from New Jersey go to the theater and have to get home, or have dined in the city for the evening. Therefore, I think the Path is perfectly safe and a good option for getting home. Check the schedules. (The subways are definitely full of people – New York is not deserted at all during those hours. I’ll share on next post.


    • I think New Jersey Transit is a better option than PATH from Newark. It goes straight in to NY Penn Station, and then there are two subway lines that go to Times Square. Really easy. PATH goes into Lower Manhattan, and then north to 33rd St., with several stops in between. I don’t know PATH schedules, but the last NJT train from NYC to Newark leaves around 1:20 a.m.


  3. upsy, and there i was thinking London hotels are horrendously expensive. But you are right, sharing is a good option i think. And US hotel rooms are supposed to be bigger than European ones anyway 😉


    • New York is the place that challenges that general rule, I find. But it really depends on the hotel. A Holiday Inn Express is more or less the same thing in every large city I’ve stayed in one.

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      • I don’t know – I’ve been in only a few hotel rooms in New York, but I agree that the chains like Holiday Inn and Day’s Inn, etc., are pretty standard. I saw one hotel, or hostel (maybe it was Pods) that had bunk beds in a room.


  4. I have to mention the CarltonArms.com … It’s actually more art installation than hotel. Close to Madison Square Park and VERY cheap! Rate info page: http://carltonarms.com/reservations/ (singles $90 w/ shared bath/$130 w/ private bath). If you go to the Rooms page, you can have a look at each room and request one you like. We stayed in the Olde English room for a weekend and LOVED our stay. Very casual, hostel feel. Resident cat.


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