Richard Armitage, Just Say No.

It’s 11:45 a.m. and Richard Armitage hasn’t tweeted in almost 30 hours. After over a week of consecutive, multiple tweets, where is he? I remember the days when fans fretted over a week or so of @RCArmitage Twitter silence, but those one-sided Tweets or selfies were nothing compared to the prolific and personal sharing of recent days. Uniquely, too, the  appearance of  two-way conversations.

He’s quiet because I think Richard Armitage is waiting for some  political results. I don’t think the reason is fan-related. It has nothing to do with the heat of the past few days during which some protectors fans, seemingly collectively, bombarded some Armitage-critical or inquiring tweeps.  Without a specific timeline, I don’t know if the defenders ratcheted it up before or after the man himself threw himself back into the discussion.

Before reading, one should know, Perry is an Armitage fan who is in favor of Richard Armitage keeping out of our fandom, who has a centrist view of whether I want him on Twitter, doesn’t think he’s got it right,  and she votes “anti-delete,” ( with the occasional pass or explanation, now and then. I understand it, I just wish he didn’t do it.) Most importantly, I want him out of the fandom because I think some of his Twitter behavior has a deleterious effect on the fandom. I’ve said this in posts and comments – his perceived way of addressing Twitter unpleasantness  by his fans, is usually to delete the tweet causing the issue, and thereby sweeping away the flare-up, but not disposing of it.

CczEe6_W8AAkOeoOccasionally, in some public statement, he’s reminded his fans of the social media behavior he wants, sometimes by cybersmiling.

His approach isn’t working.  He seems to express his will by curtailing the fan arguments through deletions (commonly read, something like, “Richard deleted because he wanted to stop the attack against one or more Tweeps,” and that very act has the effect of stirring up a new argument ( about deleted tweets, about whether he’ll stop tweeting, about whether fans are infringing his right to speak).

What I’m saying here is nothing new.  Richard Armitage achieves the wrong result when he sometimes tries to manipulate what he sees as objectionable conduct by his fans. It  always  causes additional conflict. Every time, and every time, it’s the same Apache dance.

Richard Armitage’s newest tactic isn’t working either. Answering fans directly, while I sometimes find satisfying to witness, hasn’t stopped the problem – especially if he then deletes the tweets. We saw that occur this weekend, and as I wrote, I’m not sure if the direct approach made things worse – but they didn’t make things better as far as conflict and blame are concerned.

Here’s something that might work better: I don’t know if readers here saw this posted by Servetus: (Title: Me and Richard Armitage: Apparently there are ways to say these things)


Richard Armitage, “just say no,” and don’t delete it.

29 thoughts on “Richard Armitage, Just Say No.

  1. Actually, I keep thinking he ought to be busier if he’s starting a new movie project, so that may also explain his silence since the week started. Perhaps he is back at work. Usually when he is working hard he disengages completely.

    I personally don’t have strong feelings about him deleting his tweets, but I definitely am in the freedom-of-expression camp.

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    • Someone pointed out he may have been tweeting during non-work hours. Even so, we haven’t heard any confirmation that shooting has begun. ( Rehearsals – yes)


  2. Perry, I really don’t understand you. You said in another post that RA has the RIGHT to both a political opinion AND to express that opinion, yet you think he ought to stay out of his own fandom? A fandom that is based on him and his work? IF he has the right to express his opinion in politics, why wouldn’t he also have the right to express his opinion on his fandom??? Especially since you yourself have set up this blog about RA, which I have followed for some time – no, I really don’t understand why you want him to stay out of something that is about him. I could be completely misunderstanding what you are saying, and I feel like I’m taking such a risk here (I once tried to communicate with Severtus on one of her posts and I’ll NEVER make that mistake again!). I’m not trying to alienate you or tell you off. It is, after all, your blog and you can post your opinions on it. I just don’t understand WHY you have that opinion – anything he types, I’m all ears! And trust me when I say, no I don’t likely agree with EVERY political stance he makes. I do support the message of Cybersmile, though – the Internet could use a little more polite discourse, and fewer trolls, if you know what I mean.

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    • Welcome to the blog. Short answer to your question – just because one “can,” doesn’t mean one “should.” Whether one ” should or should not” is often a subjective decision. I think everyone has the right to express an opinion, on politics or anything else, but that person must also take the consequences of having done so. It’s my personal opinion, from observing fandom behavior, that when Richard Armitage interferes in and tries to modify the behavior of his fans regarding fandom actvities, or when he tweets other comments that affect his fans and their fandom activities, then in those cases, a portion of his fans inevitably turn against one another. They turn against one another when a tweeter contradicts or criticizes him on Twitter or in a blog post. The result is that the very behavior he is trying to modify ( how to behave on social media, how to be positive and friendly, how not to be cruel – all those Cybersmile goals) actually has the opposite effect – it becomes the reason for the conflict, either through competition or APM. I think that when ( or if) he wants to “protect” a perceived “victim” being attacked by his own fans, and he does so by deleting the tweet that’s the basis of the conversation, that, too, just extends the conflict. I think the internet can use fewer trolls – couldn’t agree more, but that’s a bigger story than just Cybersmile. I also think that often, the discourse after these incidents with Richard Armitage, are, alternately, not polite, or that there’s a segment of the fandom that doesn’t know how to have to polite discourse – they just attack and defend any criticism of Richard Armtiage, polite or otherwise. And finally, I think William Shatner was right on when he came out and directly told his fans, that it is NOT Okay to attack another fan, in the name of loyalty. I’ll point out here that Shatner is very vocal with his fans, and I wouldn’t want that – just my personal preference. I hope that answers your question. And just to make it clear ( but I do think you got this from my post) I have no issues with Richard Armitage expressing his political opinions and showing some real emotion on Twitter.

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      • If Richard were to communicate more regularly, as I have seen many actors do on Twitter, I believe some of the fan attack behavior that goes on would slow to disappear. Especially if he ignores it and just moves on to communicate as natural as he has been this last week. Just a note about these fan explosions – I never “see” such behavior en masse on Twitter, I only hear about it later from odd tweets or n the blogs. But the actual roots of these uproars seem to either never show on my feed or they just disappear in a mass of deletions. Either way I don’t know, and I actually don’t care. Except that the result is a tangible quiet on social media through out the fandom.

        And in regards to your use here of APM, Perry, I would like to think that after all these years we could somehow get past these acronyms used to describe some fan behavior, unpalatable to some. It smacks of name calling to me, intended to embarrass or belittle by the grouping together and labeling behavior we don’t like in order to segregate it from “the rest of us fans.” I’ve really disliked that about our fandom for years and their use has always left a bad taste in my mouth.


    • [ edited because the comment is out of order. It is in response to @TBourlon]”I’ll NEVER make that mistake again.” Yeah. It’s like an initiation. I’m afraid I won’t say more on this because I don’t want to bring a potential deluge of vitriol onto Perry’s page, but I will just say simply that you are not alone. There is VERY long line behind you.

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  4. Thanks for laying out your thoughts, Perry. I can grok/agree with much of what you say–though as you say, yourself, about RA’s opinions, not all. Personally, I don’t mind that he deletes some of his tweets–his choice, in my view. And I usually have capped it, or hope that someone has capped it. Ha! And Richard can no more “control” the repercussions of one of his tweets–or the discussion that follows–let alone the “untweets”.

    In general, I find it very interesting to read a variety of views/news as I reflect upon my own opinions–whether it is in my daily life, work, or in Richard Armitage’s community of fans.

    And who knew? That we had a philosopher/diplomat among the “stars”? Words to live by, William Shatner. Ha!

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  5. Hi Perry,
    Everyone has some valid points here.. People are entitled to voice their opinion. I personally think that Richard has every right to voice his opinion in whichever way he feels.. I wish he didn’t feel the need to delete his tweets. He can’t be blamed for tweeting stuff and the fandom turning on themselves. You have to be mature enough to realize that not everyone will agree with what you say about about Richard and That’s ok.. If you feel (and by you, I don’t mean you specifically ..I mean the fandom) don’t like what another fan says, there’s a way to answer them without attacking them. What these so called fans don’t seem to understand is – Richard is a grown man. He doesn’t need us to protect him, nor does he ask his fans to protect him.. We don’t know him on a personal level and we have no right to attack the person who disagrees with him. If he feels like he’s being attacked from a fan, then let him address that fan personally.. Who is the fandom to start bashing that person because they dared to criticize Richard.. People, he’s not fragile.. He’s not a god.. He’s a human being, and he’s got flaws, just like the rest of us.. And guess what.. Shocker.. We don’t have to agree with everything that comes out of his mouth.. Sorry.. That’s my spiel for the day.. Lol..

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  6. 1. First, I share your view about his tweets in general but the deletions don’t bother me.

    2. Second, how do we know the tweet deletions are directed at policing fan behaviour? We impute meaning to the deletions which he may never have intended. Maybe he likes deleting tweets. Or, he’s like me and we make awkward posts and then run away☺️. But he deletes them and I just skunk around in shame. Some of his fan policing is overt but I don’t buy it when it comes to the deletions.

    3. at some point we as fans need to realize what fan behaviour is, and I prefer Richard to stay out of defining fan behaviour because he’ll probably come down like a tonne of bricks. Didn’t you find Shatner’s tweet a bit schoolmarmish?

    4. Ideally he will tweet whatever he wants to, the fans will tweet whatever they want to, and never the twain shall meet! or, we suffer through this awkward phase and hope he gets better at fan Twitter interaction. I suspect that if he doesn’t improve at Twitter he will get bored with it.


    • Fair Question. We don’t know for a fact that all or any of the deletions are policing fan behavior, because he hasn’t told us. It is a theory propounded by some fans – it certainly was this weekend, and it has been advanced before when he’s deleted tweets. I believe that when one analyzes the facts and circumstances of some of his deletions, for example, if the conversation is ugly, if there is a long stream of comments, the most logical conclusion is that he deleted to tweet to end the discussion. I think this is even more likely when the discussion he’s ending, has become ugly. I’m not saying that every deleted tweet is on account of internecine fan conduct. I think a fair number of them are deleted because of criticisms of his message, and sometimes I think those replies make him see an interpretation of the tweeted message that he hadn’t thought about. But should have.


  7. It sometimes strikes me when bad fan behavior arises that it sounds like Richard is being blamed for it. Even if he does things that lead to what may seem to be predictable outcomes, it is not his fault that other people are behaving badly. I am not sure Perry whether that is your message as you didn’t say that directly. It seems that you are pointing out that certain things he does on twitter have some negative consequences, which is clearly true. But sometimes those consequences are difficult to predict.

    I think a mistake over the weekend was his responding directly to some people because it magnified their message and made them targets. But he is still learning. At least he is engaged.

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    • I do think that some of his Twitter behavior results in bad fan behavior. And I completely agree, and have tried to say, that it’s up to the fans to correct their behavior and allow free discussion, including criticism.

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    • I did not read any real attack, at all, nor from some fans, nor from the fandom and neither from RA: it just happened that someone spoke his mind, someone else disagreed, some one else disagreed to the ones who disagreed, and being all “said” in front of thousand of people, a lot of them replied…
      This is not Cyberbulling, which infact is namecalling, insults, stalking, psycological pressure, etc.
      It’s just a confrontation of opinions.
      If we consider also that RA usually deletes posts when the “debate” they created is becoming too “hot” and unpolite, there is really any issue here.

      Sorry for my english 🙂


      • I whole heartedly agree that what you described is not bullying. It’s one of my issues with the notion of cyberbullying- that disagreement and criticism are often termed cyberbullying – people use the B card when it’s not really applicable. IMO I don’t think he should delete tweets to shut down the discussion. That’s my point.

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  8. Well, Richard continues tweeting on Brexit. This time focus is on UK citizens losing their EU citizenship rights. Agree with csprof ‘s comments.

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  9. Great post Perry and I agree with you. I was surprised to see he tweeted about Brexit without deleting the tweets, and I actually appreciate him tweeting about the current situation in the UK. I tweet a lot. Most of the people I tweet with live in the UK and don’t belong to any fandom. They are hugely upset by what’s happening in the UK and tweet about it all the time. Perhaps many RA-fans, especially those who live in the U.S. don’t realize just how deeply emotional things are in the UK (and in the EU) right now. RA’s “political tweets” are no exception – he is just doing what everybody else does right now.

    He can tweet about anything he likes as far as I am concerned. As he has thousands of followers there’ll always be some who disagree and many who will interpret his tweets. In any fandom it seems to be unavoidable that the fans read all sorts of things into their idol. I think he would be very wise to ignore that stuff. If I were him, I would make a list of accounts who I follow and only read their tweets. I wouldn’t even look at my mentions. However, I am not him and he is a responsible adult who can make his own decisions 😉

    Anyway, thank you for this blog post xx

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    • And thank you. I also think he should ignore the bad stuff. As to his current tweetomania, and the passion he’s showing for the state of his country – I think it’s wonderful that he’s showing true feelings,and that he’s current on the situation which affects him, his family and his fellow UK citizens.

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