@RCArmitage Take the Heat, But Balks at Throwing Shade.


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Perfect record spoiled. Richard Armitage deleted this tweet after a relatively long period of staying put on Twitter. Perhaps he shouldn’t have answered at all and this would have been one of a smallish number of critical replies to his political statements, quickly forgotten. Had I seen the tweet when it was posted, I would have anticipated it’s deletion – with great regret.

Maybe he was drinking beer when he read and responded to the tweet and he let his guard down, thus permitting his raw emotions to take over.  Guess what. This tweet did more to show me his humanity than any other tweet or message to date. It was only a skosh snarky. He defended his right and rightful place to speak out on the issues that matter to him and are occupying so many of his thoughts these days. It leads me to hope that he won’t shy away from more tweets expressing his opinions.

Unfortunately, he was uncomfortable with it and deleted his reply. Perhaps he thought it wasn’t as nice as likes to be on Twitter. [A]cting pays the rent, is one way of saying that acting is his profession, but he’s also an individual -a person – with valid opinions that he wants  and has every right, to share. Good and true sentiment; however, the exact phrase can also be interpreted as belittling the import of his profession to him. Acting may be a job and it certainly does pay the rent – but I choose to believe that to Richard Armitage, it’s  more than a paycheck. I think of him as an artist with a calling: he thinks of himself as an artist; I think he wants us to think of him as an artist. I believe that at this moment in his life and career, he is compelled to act. Acting pays the rent doesn’t reflect the artistic need, the compulsion, the calling, that  I choose to see in him or that I think he wants to project.

Perhaps the tweeter, herself, was getting a lot of negative replies from aggressive fans, and he decided to put a stop to that ( doesn’t work if her tweet is still up there.) I, for one, think what she said was okay. It was her own opinion. don’t agree with her sentiment in this case ( sometimes I do feel I don’t want him using his influence -especially with this fandom), but I don’t think she was rude.

He may also have realized that his reply did not fully address the tweeter’s beef – that he was using undue influence to drum up votes for Theresa May, because of his celebrity. IMO, it’s just one opinion that actors shouldn’t talk about politics. I think they have every right to speak out on what issues they wish. If he has influence and the issues are important to him, and this definitely is, why not? Celebrities have been appearing with candidates to support them since forever. They may take the heat from opponents, but that’s to be expected. If Richard Armitage wants this woman to win her party’s leadership and he thinks he can influence some public opinion – why not? Why, as a celebrity, should he have fewer rights than any other citizen who wants his or her opinion known? As long as he’s willing to take the heat .

I think he was willing to take the heat – just not willing to throw the shade.


17 thoughts on “@RCArmitage Take the Heat, But Balks at Throwing Shade.

  1. I hear you. Clearly, the Brexit vote results have deeply affected him and he has kept tweeting about it because he’s passionate about his country’s welfare. We all know he loves to drink and this is not the first time he tweets after a few glasses of whatever he’s partaking on any particular night.

    As for his “Acting pays the rent.” comment, Twitter only has 140 characters and – like you well said – those of us who’ve followed his career for years know he loves his craft. Whoever wrote that to him probably didn’t mean to be rude but it’s hard not to be defensive when someone is basically saying “keep your political opinions to yourself” in the most neutral way possible.

    Richard is right. If you don’t like his account, unfollow him. Yes, that may sound harsh (and even unnecessary to some), but the man is in pain and can’t be quiet about it. I’m not accustomed to seeing him so riled up about politics, but I understand why. It doesn’t make me love him any less.

    He’s damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t. I’m glad I’m not famous!

    P.S: Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans. It’s BBQ time!

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    • Thanks Violet. I had two Barbecues this weekend. I think I’ll lay off for tomorrow and hit to spa. I agree with you about this tweet. I don’t
      think she was that rude. I think the actor comment was here way of saying, in 140 characters, that he’s using his celebrity weight. I think that’s Ok. She doesn’t. I wish he would have left the tweet ( and now I understand he has deleted earlier tweets in reply to another fan – folks think because she was getting ragged on). I know it may be in his nature to protect – but I still wish – I will always wish – that he not delete his tweets. I don’t have as much problem with him correcting what he said to make it more on point – but we saw how that went with the Orlando mess.

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    • RCA has every right to say what he thinks and feel, just like the rest of us.Edmund Burke believed that the majority does not rule, and in fact , the minority or the ruling classes manipulate the public to support their interests and make us believe that the people spoke. Only the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution that overturned the rule of the monarchy that one can truly speak of the voice of the people, The former ushered the renaissance that change our view of the world in a grand way. It is not fair to censure RA. I do not believe he can influence my political views, it is still his right not to self censure. Being an actor and celebrity does not make him superior or inferior, he has the same rights as the next guy to express his freedom of thought. People who are influenced by his ideas should ask themselves if they are so easily swayed by celebrity.He cares about what his fans think of him, understandably so. He is sensitive to comments. I think his desire to be truthful got him misunderstood . He is human and he exposed his heart.He knows that with this shift, the poor will surely suffer, just remember ”The Shed and Crew”. He was emotionally invested in that and I can see his anguish when he expressed his despair for the leavers. I truly understand, Brexit can lead to the dismemberment of EU and start internecine warfare as in the past. 20 million casualties in two WW is not something to laugh at. That he is a celebrity is not of his own making, we do it to him and we have no right to censure him. He remains no, one in my short list.


  2. Considering the lady tweeter in question lists herself as an actor on her home page, I thought it was a tad odd for her to call RA out for being an actor and expressing an opinion. And RA’s reply to her was rather benign. People don’t have to agree on every topic–and usually don’t. They simply need to “agree to disagree”. *wink*


    • I think this is an instance where people can agree to disagree (not every instance is). I didn’t notice that she listed herself as an actor. It puts a different spin on her tweet., except she doesn’t have the same sized platform as he does. His tweet was a little snippy, but not impolite. The tweeter’s position is shared by a lot of people. I saw that one of our former RA bloggers came out of retirement and also thought he shouldn’t discuss politics because he was just an entertainer, didn’t know enough and lectured him with about 20 tweets, although she backpedaled. For me, the real problem for me is how elements of the fandom jumped in on twitter to attack the two tweeters. The first woman, who challenged him on his statements about welfare, misread his message – and I can see where she was confused by his wording. I thought he could have kept quiet in response to whoever criticized him over FDR’s Bill of Rights. I have a problem with him deleting tweets if his goal is to shut down intra-fandom arguments. He ought to know by now what’s going to happen.


  3. Sorry for being off topic, I just wonder if he tweets so often and mainly on politic issues (not acting) does it mean he is not acting at the moment and MLC filming is delayed…


    • I thought of that also. He seems to have time on his hands, but I also wonder why he would remain in London if the delay is so lengthy. Of course, he could also be rehearsing the musical portion of the role.


  4. I wish he hadn’t deleted it either. I cheered out loud when I so it. Statements like “actors should stay out of politics” equates to “I don’t agree with you so shut up.” Hypocritical freedom of speech double standard. In the future I hope Richard will call them on it at every turn, beer or no beer.

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    • I personally hate it when i am watching an awards show, or such, and an actor gets up to spew his personal political/environmental agenda. That being said, it is his Twitter page and he can say what he wants. Her response was not supposed to be seen by Richard as it was a conversation between two people.


      • I imagine that the next time she’ll be more careful and check to see his Twitter handle is not included in her conversations. Let us all remember that Private Messaging is our Twitter friend!


      • I like to see any person whose are I admire, whether at an awards show or not, be expressive and real. Clearly Richard is reading threads, whether that one was connected or not. Might’ve been someone’s response to a response, I don’t know. But he apparently felt compelled to comment, which I fully support as his right. If people want to have a private conversation then the should do it on PM’s.


        • There have been some awards acceptance speech rants that have annoyed me terribly ( even when I sometimes agree), but then. there was Patricia Arquette a few years ago, speaking u for equality for women in the film business, and I was – yup you go girl!

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  5. I think Valsgal had an important point. It’s not like he used a captive audience to disseminate his political message. His twitter feed is a place for him to express himself. That’s what it’s for!


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