@RCArmitage- Responds Directly- Sunday’s Tweets

Just adding my own two cents here, that his position on the decision some families have to make between working for a lower wage than the monthly benefit Income Assistance gives, is a big issue here in the U.S. Between payroll deductions and losing the benefit of our Medicaid ( health coverage for low income families), it is sometimes financially imprudent to work instead of staying on Welfare. Then there’s the conundrum of families and individuals who are poor – but not poor enough.

8 thoughts on “@RCArmitage- Responds Directly- Sunday’s Tweets

  1. There was another tweet he deleted later. Didn’t make a screenshot, unfortunately. “Feel free not to follow me, I’m also a person “. It was a response to a fan’s critic.

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  2. Oh dear, now I’ve got to brush up on my French😂 Fortunately, he’s begun tweeting before I go sleep👍❤️
    I’m completely with him on this one.


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