@RCArmitage Today’s Tweets (so far) on Social Welfare


8 thoughts on “@RCArmitage Today’s Tweets (so far) on Social Welfare

  1. I do wish that all these disgruntled Remainers (and I voted Remain – but with a leaning towards Exit) would not keep on writing these articles that imply that everyone who voted Leave was stupid and fell for the lies of conmen. More than half the electorate voted Leave: most of them disliked Gove and thought Johnson a bumbling, self-serving fool and yet they still voted to leave the EU. They weren’t deluded fools. They knew what they wanted and they went for it. They knew there would be economic chaos in the immediate aftermath – anyone would tell you that. But, with a bit of effort, that situation can be turned around. Many of them did not want to be associated with Johnson, Gove or Farage but had no other choice of ‘leader’. Now Cameron and Johnson have gone and Gove looks unlikely to collect many votes when he runs for PM. Farage hasn’t even got a seat in Parliament because when he stood at the last election, not enough voted for him because they knew he was a racist. Instead we have two strong contenders for PM, both women: Theresa May (who voted Remain) and Andrea Leadsom (A Brexiter and one-time banker). Both are impressive candidates; both are people that the country might be able to unite behind; both are tough negotiators and should do well for us in discussions with the EU as we make our exit over the next couple of years. The deed is done. We are leaving. Now is the time not to stir things with endless virulent articles or pointless and undemocratic protest marches, but we should come together and unite to do our best for our country.


    • Not my country so not my issue, and I didn’t follow much before the vote, but clearly, there is bitterness and disappointment among many. Maybe you can point me towards articles or speeches by intelligent, savvy people who supported Brexit. I don’t know who they are or what their platform was.


  2. Here’s an article by Gisela Stuart, Labour MP of German descent, who is a Brexiter. She wrote this before the referendum (scroll down). I don’t know how to make this clickable, btw:


    In the papers today, the bankers are showing a surprising amount of humility, wondering just how much Brexit is their fault and what they can do to put things right and make themselves more acceptable to the British people!!


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