@RCArmitage Suggests Some Reading

On the plight of today’s adult children. This situation is not unique to the U.K.


5 thoughts on “@RCArmitage Suggests Some Reading

  1. You need to have read Love, love, love to fully understand this tweet. It’s not about children staying home, it’s about a whole generation destroying the next one’s future. And the youth sharing some responsibility in this. The situation is pretty peculiar to UK, and not “comparable” to other countries.

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    • @Micra – Just also want to add that if the theme of the play is that specific to the UK, it won’t resonate that well in NY. People need to identify, and I think they can. (I haven’t read the play, but I know what it’s about, generally)


  2. It’s definitely not unique to the UK. The average age for leaving home in Sydney is 29- with the cost of living high, a one bedroom apartment costing nearly a million dollars and most kids saddled with an education debt, for all but the wealthiest families, adult children living at home is the only affordable option. And no wonder there is friction-my mother thinks my kids live at home because we’ve made them too comfortable. As a member of the lucky generation who had free universal healthcare, cheap housing, and free education for their children, she simply has no concept of how tough it is for the people coming of age now. As the play says , the boomers didn’t just change the world, they bankrupted it, and it is the generation coming of age who are paying the price. Love, Love, Love is so topical right now I think it will resonate with a huge audience.


  3. It’s not a situation unique to the UK.
    The thing I dislike about all this ‘oldies have ruined the lives of the young’ stuff is that it’s spoken of as though it was some big plan by the ‘oldies’ and was done on purpose. There have been successive governments over a number of years contributing to this.


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