@RCArmitage Considers a Hail Mary on Brexit

I was off social media yesterday, so I have no idea, as I post this whether it’s “in the news.”

14 thoughts on “@RCArmitage Considers a Hail Mary on Brexit

  1. It is in the news. And it’s interesting in that only 10.000 signatures are needed for Parliament to consider a petition – but this one already has garnered over 1.4m signatures – you can actually see the number rise from one minute to the next. Here’s hoping…


    • Typo – it’s 100,000 signatures. I read that Parliament is going to consider the petition this week – that’s too early, IMO, if there were even the remotest possibility. It’s likely that most of the 1.4 are Remain voters. If I were an elected official I would want to know that a large percentage of Brexit supporters were in favor of a do-over before seriously considering it. I’d want to know that the vote was not the will of the people.


          • No – afaik know, there is a petitions committee, but this committee is not meeting again until next Tuesday. That’s when they will have to react to the petition, respond and then set a date for a debate, I presume. In any case, a debate on the petition in Parliament does not necessarily mean there will be a decision taken or a parliamentary vote. As such, this petition also does not question the concluded referendum on the UK’s membership in the EU.


              • It just worked out that way. I followed up until mid morning UK time. Was lucky enough to catch Donald Trump making it all about him him him and his golf course. He’s happy he’ll get more tourists from the US. Besides the obvious stupidity and insensitivity of the comment – I’m pretty sure that US visitors to his golf courses specifically, don’t need a falling pound sterling to make it more affordable for them.


              • Trump – I have no words for the man anymore. The way he congratulated Scotland on getting their country back 😂 = fundamental lack of understanding… I’m just glad that Trump did not fly in to Ireland (where he owns a golf course, too, and is currently embroiled in a dispute over some building works).

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  2. I would love to see a reconsideration of that referendum. I read in the paper that it is not legally binding, but that it was a matter of political necessity to follow it. That would seem to leave room for some pondering before the “divorce papers” are sent. And yet, the margin was not particularly close. Are there lots of young people who did not turn up at the polls the first time around?


    • I don’t know the details of the turnout, except that older people, and people without college educations voted to leave, and people with college educations voted to remain. It’s only advisory, but what is the justification for a do-over – other than it was a really bad decision? I don’t think ignorance of the voters is a good enough reason. Perhaps someone might make hay out of the blatant lies told by the Brexit leaders, but one assumes most politicians are lying or fudging anyway – or ought to.

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      • I think the ignorance of the voters is a good reason, especially if the aftermath is revealing implications which they had not considered, such as the potential breakup of the UK. Going it alone might not be so attractive under those conditions. But no doubt the politicians who decree a do-over (if it happens) will pay a price for disregarding that vote.


  3. How do you judge if someone is ignorant? Just because they disagree with a certain viewpoint, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are ignorant.

    In any sort of election it’s up to the voters to study the candidates/referendum, or not, even. Voters can vote for any candidate or cause, having lots of knowledge or none. It’s not perfect, but it’s democracy. You can’t keep redoing an election/vote until someone decides they like the result.


  4. I agree with you, Caz. The Prime Minister said today in Parliament that the referendum showed the will of the people and it was binding. There is nothing on the ballot slip to show what educational qualifications the voter possessed, for goodness’ sake! More than half those who voted wanted out and they’re not all trailer trash nor are they all stupid and ignorant. Only 34% of the young electorate voted and so it is time for them to stop blaming the ‘wrinklies’ for ‘ruining their lives’. The time for abuse is over and we should be coming together if we want to give ourselves a chance.

    As for that foolish petition: statistics are emerging showing that a huge number of signatures are bogus, what with 41,000 coming from Vatican City, 12,000 from the United States, and 25,000 from North Korea (!!).
    Another 2,700 are from British Antarctic Territory, which has a population of just 250 people. Also, a curiously high number of signatures come from constituencies with small populations.

    But all this is irrelevant. The die has been cast, for good or ill. Now let’s just get on with it, like this nation tends to do.


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