@RCArmitage Is He Thinking What I’m Thinking?

At least the Democrats have a better campaign than the Remain & Labour did.

4 thoughts on “@RCArmitage Is He Thinking What I’m Thinking?

  1. I don’t know one emoji from another -except the old ones. I’ll have to bone up. But I read the post as a negative comment against the two politicians. Thanks for cluing me in.


    • We were warned beforehand that Out would only please the far right of Europe and Putin. Now Le Pen is saying that if she is voted in she will offer France a referendum too – and France is even more Eurosceptic than the Brits. Are we witnessing the beginning of the end?
      Britain doesn’t lean to the right like many in Europe or the followers of Trump, come to that. But a comparison will obviously be made.


      • I’ve heard and read comments from Brits that sound a lot like some Trump supporters. So many times, voters support candidates ( or ideas) because of one issue, and ignore everything else. It’s foolish and damaging, but they they do it. I imagine that Immigration was one of the key issues for some Brexit voters and they disregarded the rest of the issues. Comparisons can be made between Brexit and Trump followers, but I don’t think everything matches up precisely.


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