Empathy and Debate

Guylty’s take on Richard Armitage’s SCD2016 post. She comes at some of it from a different angle than what I’ve read before.

Guylty Pleasure

Another entry for the annual award for “most difficult-to-write post”. When really it could be so simple. A man writes an essay. He puts it out for the world to see, and by doing so, he knows – and expects, if not invites – that there will be reaction to it. Why then, I have to ask myself, is it so difficult for me to write a response? Especially when it started so well.

Upon first reading Richard Armitage’s piece entitled “Forgiveness and Intention” for Cybersmile on Friday, my gut reaction is positive. Armitage expands on his mantra of ‘empathy empathy empathy’ in a smooth text, nicely composed, and written with an obvious effort to encourage positivity and discourage negativity. I particularly like that he anchored his text in his own, tangible experiences as an actor, for whom empathy is a tool for understanding – and inhabiting – the characters…

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