I Still Love a Trim Peplum

Peplums may be out of style again, according to recent reports from fashion experts, but they’ve been around forever and I know they’ll be back on the runways soon.


Fashion from 1940’s, a look favored by Joan Crawford and The Duchess of Windsor.

I have a few myself, and I’m not giving them up.

The peplum comes in various incarnations, can be flattering to anyone, and adds some interest to a garment that might otherwise be more ordinary.peplumred_carpet_fashion_statement_hollywood_hearts_peplum

From the most classic look, to something more edgy, the peplum makes a statement.

Deutscher Radiopreis 2014 (German radio award 2014) at Schuppen 52. Featuring: Taylor Swift Where: Hamburg, Germany When: 04 Sep 2014 Credit: Patrick Hoffmann/WENN.com

Deutscher Radiopreis 2014 (German radio award 2014) at Schuppen 52. Featuring: Taylor Swift Credit: Patrick Hoffmann/WENN.com

And women of any size can wear one.

Yup, I love a neat peplum.
source HeikeVN Facebook All Things Richard Armitage

9 thoughts on “I Still Love a Trim Peplum

  1. LOL. I was wondering how you were going to tie this post to the theme of your blog. Point taken.
    PS: I should’ve had your post when I was writing content for a fashion page a couple of weeks ago. According to my sources, btw, peplum *is* on trend and will continue to be…

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    • Can’t get rid of those peplums. I guess the writer of my source didn’t like them and was engaging in wishful thinking, or lobbying. I know that Richard Armitage is in style, with or without peplum

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  2. LOL! I had no idea these things were called peplums, first time I have heard that word! Don’t think they are quite for me, though… then again, I have never actually tried one, maybe I should. I mean, if even Richard Armitage can pull one off… 😉

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