NBC Submits for Emmy Nom, Richard Armitage in The Great Red Dragon Episode

here Thanks to @Chrissyinwm

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.19.47 AM

You have to scroll down quite a bit to get to the category Best Guest Actor.

This means that NBC selected The Great Red Dragon Episode to put Richard Armitage on the ballot. It’s simply the first step in the process – there are well over 100 names on this initial ballot. Names are listed in alphabetical order. Members of Academy ( or some screening committee, first) will choose from among all the names until the field gets whittled down to around between 5 and 10 names. Those actors will be in the field for winners.

7 thoughts on “NBC Submits for Emmy Nom, Richard Armitage in The Great Red Dragon Episode

    • I don’t know. This can’t be the list from which 5-10 are selected.There has to be another culling round, I would think. I don;t know if we’ll get that. This is sort of public information – what the networks submitted “For Your Consideration.” (Good movie, BTW, For Your Consideration)

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  1. I really REALLY want this for him. I don’t know why an Emmy nom is so important in my mind. I thought he was brilliant in Hannibal & I guess I feel like it would be validation for not just RA fans but the Fannibals as well.
    I was surprised to see Sean Astin for The Strain. He was really good but I thought he was only in season 1. They’re about to air season 3. I’m baffled by how these eligibility windows are calculated.

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    • Maybe seasons 1 and 2 of The Strain overlapped during the eligibility period. I want this, too. First, he deserves to be recognized for the performance ( of course I have no idea about all the other hundreds), and second, it would be a second major nomination.

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