@RCArmitage Edging Towards Announcement 2?

A good day for us, and especially for @Chrissyinwm. @RCArmitage “liked” her Love, Love, Love tweet. See for yourself.

6 thoughts on “@RCArmitage Edging Towards Announcement 2?

      • Thanks! It’s great Chrissy wrote that tweet, so we had a double confirmation, play and character (imo, of course). 😀


        • Question is, WHY hasn’t he announced it himself? Maybe he’s not allowed so it’s his helpful hint? ps I didn’t expect that photo to pop up SO BIG … wow :))
          Also, I think Kenneth is the ONLY role for him, as the brother is only mentioned once after the first act (from what I read). Wonder who his leading lady will be?


          • I don’t think he can announce it himself. I think RTC will announce it and maybe that release will be picked up by outlets ( well – it’ll be picked up by OUR outlet). Friends with subscriptions have not received anything from the theater about the new program.


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