More Guess Work – MidLifeMovie Follows

Infant Twitter page, @MidLifeMovie, is not only following @RCArmitage, as far as talent goes. Is the cast coming together?

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.30.36 AM

They’re also following John Thomson @JohnnyThomson2, an actor, comedian and drummer,  as well as an alum from Cold Feet.  I think a band needs a drummer.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.30.50 AM

In addition, they have followed Toby Stephens, John Cleese, and actor Adewale.

15 thoughts on “More Guess Work – MidLifeMovie Follows

  1. Can’t leave out Gary Barlow … former Take That member, music for the Finding Neverland musical with Eliot Kennedy. They also both worked on X Factor. Wonder if he’s IN THE BAND or behind the scenes? (And if Harvey Weinstein follows back, I will definitely faint!)


    • What’s HW’s habit on Twitter. I simply have to sign off. I’m so annoyed, but I have to get off the computer and eventually, out of the house!


      • Off the computer and out of the house??? Is everything OK?

        HW himself, apparently, doesn’t tweet, doesn’t follow. But has thousands of followers. @WeinsteinFilms (the company) tweets, follows and likes by the thousands, not to mention the 286K followers. 😉


  2. well Barlow more likely to write the music, he’s written tonnes of stuff for others so i a guessing him and Eliot Kennedy will be the source of the music, plus whatever else they can get the rights for.
    I have to say that is definitely looking like a very cool band i’d happily follow! 🙂 and go to see in a gig , front row!
    Was just trying to find out what TS plays, in once movie apparently he was fond of brass bands but not seen it so don’t now if he plays any himself. He certainly plays the guitar and sings, there is a tiny video of it on youtube.
    Hope we’ll know more soon! 😉

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