@RCArmitage -Pre-announcement.

Is this a first? I can’t recall if Richard Armitage, himself, ever teased about an announcement. And now, there will be two.

So, which is it? Is is Love, Love Love, a play about baby boomers during the Beatle years,  or is it something else – Mid Life Crisis, perhaps ( a film about an aged garage band? Both, Neither?

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 9.27.26 PM



9 thoughts on “@RCArmitage -Pre-announcement.

  1. What I still don’t get about ‘Love, Love, Love’ is that it doesn’t sound very musical AT ALL. But now I see that his other folllow, Eliot Kennedy, is the Musical Director for ‘Mid Life Crisis’ which would completely make sense. May he be as funny getting the band back together as Bill Nighy was in ‘Still Crazy’ :)) http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1590293/bio


  2. His #nextgigisagig tag makes sense now – it really seems to be something musical/with music yaaay!! My toes are curling too, and there are excited butterflies in my stomach. Hope he doesn’t make us wait too long for his announcments! 😉


    • Thanks. I posted. Last night, on their facebook page ( recently updated this week), they had a Twitter address, but there was no actual account. Getting very excited.


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