Fan Forensics – Is it Love, Love Love?

How the best laid plans can go astray. OK – my plans weren’t that firm. Since I first saw the tweet that Richard Armitage was an admirer of Arthur Miller’s The Price, I’ve been taking my time writing a post about the play and why he might rank that one high on his Miller list. Then today, with the post unfinished, opportunity seemed to knock with the news that @RCArmitage liked the Roundabout Theater on Twitter , which, it turns out, is producing The Price this next season.

What I was hoping for was a good discussion in comments about Armitage and The Price. Didn’t happen. (Hey- there’s still time)

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 10.56.55 AM

What I did get was an example of fan forensics at its best, and the enticing, exciting speculation that Richard Armitage might be on ( or really off-) Broadway, much sooner.

Here’s what the commenters, fans and even I came up with:

Roundabout is putting on Love, Love Love in September 2016. (REALLY SOON). It’s a transplant from London.

@RCArmitage is following Roundabout, and the director of the production Michael Mayer. These are his two most recent follows

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 10.49.13 AM

The play takes place when Beatlemania was in effect in 1967, and deals with two baby boomers ( just the right age for Armitage to play).

The Beatles? Guitars? This:

In the past, Richard Armitge has given us hints of his next projects with his follows, and this case, his hashtag is a possible clue #Nextgigisagig

Thanks to all the commenters and off blog friends who put this together in a flash. And thanks to @RCArmitage, who followed on Twitter, at just the right time.

Very exciting. A bit speculative ( not that speculative – no cast announced yet).

But, if you want to talk about The Price, and what might make it appeal to Richard Armitage, – please chime in here where you can also witness the fan forensics on your own.

17 thoughts on “Fan Forensics – Is it Love, Love Love?

    • Not likely to be both of those two – but if this is happening, I think it is separate and apart from the Yael Farber old play promise, and so, we may have two on stage performances to look forward to.


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