it’s Not the Cello but, Fan Girl Fantasy Come True?

Oh My. Is Richard Armitage serious about an actual music gig? Fan girl’s fantasy come true, if so. Ever since I’ve been in the fandom,I’ve known fans have wished he would perform something musical. A singing/strumming Richard Armitage? A boy band, maybe?
hashtag: Next gig is a gig. Must mean something.

17 thoughts on “it’s Not the Cello but, Fan Girl Fantasy Come True?

  1. I was struggling to get a sense from his # but it’s clear I need extra coffee this morning… thanks. Now wondering what gig he means or if it is just a joke. Anyway, lucky man. My old dream since I was a teenager, playing a Gibson guitar. 😉


  2. Whoa, if that is him in the pic, he sure looks the part… (Incidentally – who takes his “selfies”???)
    And yes, a musical number would be great, and with the guitar – even better. Let the speculation begin 😀


  3. Sometimes in the UK people refer to their ‘next gig’ when they mean their next job, or something they’re doing next.

    So, rather than him referring to an actual gig/concert, he might be saying his next job is/includes some sort of gig/musical event/role.

    As usual, who knows with RA?!


    • I thought I answered this earlier. Sorry. I think “the gig is a gig” was supposed to be way of saying, this is a traditional gig ( musical). But who knows?


  4. Do you really think it’s a hint to his next job? Hmmm… I usually think everything he writes has a meaning, but this time I can’t find one. Also, I can’t imagine him playing any rockstar in a biopic, he looks like nobody I can think of. Maybe, just “maybe”, Freddy Mercury (as someone suggested) but it looks like Ben Wishaw has been picked up for it. Don’t ask me HOW you can choose BW to play Mercury, thanks.


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