More Armitage in Alice than Expected

Word has it:

17 thoughts on “More Armitage in Alice than Expected

    • Something new is always exciting. I spent some time listening to this weekend’s airing of a documentary on UK Channel 4 about the Battle of Jutland. I love history, but, aside from his narration, this was not a good one.

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      • The BBC are doing a programme next weekend it maybe better. The channel 4 one was very much about John Jellicoe’s relative’s point of view.


        • Yes, I agree with the viewpoint. But as I discussed below, I don’t think they discovered anything new to clear his rep. And the same things kept being repeated over and over. It seemed like it was a PR blitz that injured Adm. Jellicoe, and the reasons for his not pursuing the Germans were known at the time – so either one agrees with his decision or doesn’t. In this case, I agree with his decision, although I have to say I don’t know how much damage 31 torpedoes would do to over 100 ships. Probably some of them would have missed entirely. You would probably lose some ships, or get them out of the action, but that’s war. But, as Linnet said, below, one is willing to learn something new for reasons other than the subject matter itself. So now I am curious to see a proper doc on this battle.


      • I had to look it up and from what I gather, it’s the centennial of that battle. I doubt I would have been riveted by it either, except for the voice. But one thing about being a fan is that you get exposed to lots of things you would otherwise ignore! I’ve ended up learning a lot that way.


        • I’m a history buff, especially American Civil War History and military history, so, yeah, while it would not have been on my “must see” list, I might have watched it otherwise. Meanwhile I had to go through hoops to see this Channel 4 thing from Mexico. But I have so many criticisms of it as a documentary, and the research it shows. It is, as Yve said, more about a scientific expedition using modern tech to see what the bottom of sea shows, vis vis the wrecks, and the whole project has been orchestrated by Admiral Jellicoe’s family in order to clear his sullied rep. In my opinion, they didn’t find anything new to clear the Admiral’s reputation. The wrecks were more or less where they always believed them to be; the original theory of what happened to one of the ships was not disputed ( or any better confirmed) – and anyway, that particular hit had nothing to do with Jellicoe; one ship was thought to be going in a different direction, which again proves nothing, and another was probably “dead” a few minutes before witnesses saw it blow up and sink. None of this changed the main criticism against Jellicoe – which was that he was too cautious and should have had the British fleet chase down the Germans when they retreated. But generals have been reamed for this type of inaction through history – most notably, for me at least, was how pissed Lincoln was when General George Mead failed to follow up and destroy Lee’s army before they crossed the Potomac after Gettysburg. Also of interest to me, and curious, was the fact that most of their talking head experts were American.

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      • 3D sounds tempting. I don’t usually like 3D because it can be distracting but I get the feeling this film is all show and not much substance so 3D may work.


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