Brain on Fire Continues to Get Buzz

Here Thanks to  @Crissyinwm 

11 thoughts on “Brain on Fire Continues to Get Buzz

      • Thank you so much, Julia! Good to read that BoF is singled out as an interesting film to watch out for. (What do the journos know that we don’t yet, btw???) And delighted to see Sing Street mentioned in the article. Fantastic film. Only drawback – hasn’t got Armitage in it. (But growing up in 1980s Dublin would be a stretch even for him 😉 )


        • I find myself thinking, almost whenever I see a good role on screen – “Richard Armitage could’ve played him.” I was particularly miffed that he never got anything in Wolf Hall, War and Peace or The Hollow Crown. Those short run series are perfect vehicles, IMO. What is it with the BBC?


          • Yes, Perry, I also wonder what is it with BBC. Have seen BBC War and Peace 2 weeks ago on Russian TV. The first question was “Why Richard didn’t get the role of Andrey Balkonsky?” It might be played perfectly my him. The same with The Hollow Crown.. He is so suitable to play any historical characters. He was eager to play Richrad III in cinema or theatre. Still hope..


          • I am wondering the same. But maybe it is not the BBC but his agents? Or his own choice, concentrating on the US market? Either way, I think it is a pity that none of those high profile productions were able to benefit of his talents. And vice versa…


            • Totally agree with you! And it’s seems to me all of this occurs. Don’t know if it was a right thing – to concentrate on the US market. Maybe it was better to go to the US market (once he wants) but stay at UK market (or he stayed?). Looking forward to his new projects whatever it will be. The main thing that he will like it.


              • True. I have subjective reasons for wanting him to work with the BBC – mainly, to hear him speak in his own accent 🙂 – but I am actually glad he does his own thing and doesn’t try to please his audience as such. It’s quite nice to have my horizons broadened by the choices he makes…


              • From out viewpoint, we never know whether he was even considered or approached and for some reason he declined. Still, I always have the feeling that BBC has forgotten about him. I’m mainly talking about these series that have loads of characters, many in smaller parts, but laden with recognizable names.


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