Mustering the Berlin Batallion

[Edited title. from Berlin Brigade to Berlin Battalion. (a brigade is a very small unit, just slightly bigger than a unit)].

Here ( and thanks to Violet Dutchblogger via Facebook.) According to the article, the interactive digital experience is aimed at introducing younger viewers to the series, and will involve on line virtual reality episodes intended to give some clues about the mystery before the launch of the show, and during its run,

EPIX will add new videos with the premiere of each episode that will expand the show’s story lines beyond what’s seen on screen. Fans will be able to participate in a uniquely immersive experience as the spy thriller unfolds.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 1.51.12 AM

This new approach to promotion, if successful, has the potential to develop and grow a fandom for the series. Undoubtedly, if successful, (well, even without it) this will mean an influx of new Richard Armitage fans into his fandom.  For us, it will probably mean more Richard Armitage than even we expected with the usual promos and such.

I wonder name will attach to the new fandom? B.S.ers? StationMasters? Station Meisters? EPIXies, The Berlin Battalion?

Meanwhile, is it him, or not?

30 thoughts on “Mustering the Berlin Batallion

  1. “You sent me here to find Shaw. Now let me do my job.” These seem to be the lines that Daniel Miller would speak, but WOW, it doesn’t sound like him at all! Could his mastery of an American English accent really make him that unrecognizable? Can’t wait to find out the answer!


  2. I thought so too but if you recall in the tornado movie he did, his voice was higher, I believe due to the American accent…? I personally will miss the chocolatey-velvet baritone but I know the stunning visuals should make up for it 🙂

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  3. One question: will this material be available to anyone online or only on Epix?

    Yes, it’s him speaking. Listen when he says Shaw. No point in being anyone else saying that line (while showing him) and in ITS his voice was barely recognizable.


  4. Listened to it with headphones and not convinced it’s him. I could of course be proved wrong. The voice is pretty high but maybe that is deliberate. Personally I’d prefer him in “velvety baritone” mode 😉

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  5. The first part could be RA “Let my people do…”. The second part is more likely Richard Jenkins. I could be completely off the mark, of course.


    • No, I think it’s the opposite. The first sentence is said by Jenkins and we see him telling it. Also, being the boss, what he says makes sense. The second quote is clearly said by Daniel, he was sent to Berlin, nobody else. If this is RA’s voice, I don’t know. I think it is, but only he or someone from the production could answer.


      • It makes perfect sense what you’re suggesting.
        I just cannot link the voice to Armitage. In the trailer RA says in his usual baritone: “And if I don’t [find Shaw]?”. This is and sounds like so much more like him.
        Not knowing the story per se, could it be feasible that several people are looking for Shaw, and that the line in question is not spoken by RA, but by another actor (also looking for Shaw)?


        • I know the story a little and, as far as I can tell, Daniel is specifically sent from Langley to Berlin to investigate and find the mole. Also, if the quote were about someone else, why showing Daniel? I know, I know, it’s all specualtion 😉 We have to wait of course, but following logic it should be Daniel saying that line. Let’s hope Epix will upload a new trailer soon with more lines told by RA.


  6. I don’t hear him either, but well, it is just 5 seconds, so it’s hard to tell. If it is him, indeed, I do wonder why an Amercian voice cannot also consist of a velvety baritone 😉


    • Yup, it’s hard to tell and audio isn’t perfect. His voice in ITS was different too, sometimes it didn’t look like RA’s one. No idea why. We have to wait…


      • I had the opposite reaction to RA’s voice in ITS. It was definitely identifiable as RA’s voice, although the accent sometimes threw off. And also, he was in stress mode all the time so it was higher pitched). It didn’t bother me, and I knew I was listening to at least one of his voices. This to me, is just so different. I don’t know if the American accent is the reason. To me, it sounds a little like Clint Eastwood. I do agree with Micra, that in the first trailer, when he says ” and if I don’t?” that sounds like RA.


  7. Hm, still can’t hear it, unless he is speaking in a whisper which would distort the voice further, adding to the accent. It does surprise me as i recognise him within 2 seconds flat. It’s how i stumbled upon his recent SKY Tv advert, i was literally zapping past and stopped instantly although i was doing something else when i heard his voice.
    But if the conversation is very silent and clearly the whole thing is slightly distorted by the added effects to make the trailer punchy i guess it could be him.
    Now i’m debating if to read the book – is there a specific book? or just others from the same author?

    And please let’s not call this BS… for once i hope it won’t be BS 😀


    • AH! Well, title is too long… 😉

      Olen Steinhauer has written many books, you can find the list on his site (scroll down), Berlin Station 😀 is an original script:

      I read All the Old Knives, that is an anomalous novel in his production. I liked his writing, hated the end, won’t tell why, it would be a spoiler. OS can certainly write very well, remains to see if the series will show the same dramatic building of characters (I hope so) and disenchanted bitterness present times deserves. Or if it will be more domesticated for a TV audience.


  8. Second voice is Richard, hopefully this will be a better fit for him, I never felt ITS was ‘him’.
    Perhaps DM, being like Lucas North will be more satisfying. I doubt he will get the chance of a romantic role however much I would like it.


  9. Tricky that, coming up with a new Berlin Station fandom name. Ha! And for the teaser voiceover, I hear Richard Jenkins first.
    Then the next/ending voice doesn’t sound like RA. My guess the other day was Leland Orser–he played the human incubator in Alien 4 who killed the doctor who impregnated him by standing behind him when the alien burst forth.


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