Haven’t I Seen Him Before?

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 1.43.03 AM
Screen shot from berlin Station First Trailer.

Ok, the hair’s a little different, but welcome back, baby.

13 thoughts on “Haven’t I Seen Him Before?

  1. Honestly, I don’t see Lucas in the teaser. And in this particular image I see Dolarhyde. Thanks Mahal Richard is 8 year older and not just a handsome young man any more. Also, the way he moves in this brief sequence on the roof is great, and recalling FD’s animal moves. Look at him, only legs move, the body is perfectly still. Magnificent. Lucas was nice. Daniel is lethal.


    • You have a point about his movement , especially the roof scene – but I see a lot of Lucas in the clothes and his facial appearance. I think it’s a better looking version in some ways. Looking back at some old Lucas pics. all of a sudden one of my favorite features, his jet black hair, was a little jarring, and I like this more natural color better. He’s learned a lot, but he’s probably also in more competent hands BTS.


      • Yup, he’s aged and aged well, in every respect. I also like this more natural hair color and I’m sure script, and the whole product, will be far better. If what I learnt about Steinhauer holds true for the series too, we are in for a great, multi-layer story. Don’t trust anyone indeed. Nobody is what they seem. And good and evil are never, ever clearly discernible. As much as I hated the ethics (sorry, not the right word but I can’t find a better one) of All the old knives, I guess it’s just the reality. And yes, I’d have made the same choice. So, what’s good? What’s evil? I don’t know any more.


  2. Hm, in that shot he reminds me too more of Francis than Lucas, there was a sort of innocence to Lucas that this one no longer has 🙂 But for the better i think, however much we love Lucas this should be a very different spy 😉


    • I think this will be a very different soy. I think this one will be the more innocent one, since he started off as a desk jockey (as far as we know), whereas, the only innocence in Lucas I ever saw, was how he viewed romance. But let’s face it, and look forward to it: we’re going to have field day with these comparisons once we meet Daniel Miller. Can’t effin’ wait.

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      • oh i somehow can- wait that is ;-), at least now i finally have something that i find interesting to look forward to and it is a series, not just a film, all good 🙂
        And Lucas was a bit white knight for me, in a good way but not sure if realistic given what he had been through (i ignore s9 ;-)) maybe even if just an analyst this will be a more world weary chap. We’ll wait and see 🙂

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          • i’m not even through with s7 so long way to go 😉 I liked Lucas a lot but i think generally the genre has moved on since then to more gritty/tough approach. But inside just from a sentimental perspective i still like my ‘white knights’ 🙂 so i’d be happy with either


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