@RCArmitage Responds to Alice Tweets, but . . .

I sure hope he’s in costume in this selfie. WTF is that jacket?

9 thoughts on “@RCArmitage Responds to Alice Tweets, but . . .

    • Yes, to @Micra and @Aqulea – It must be a costume, and now that I notice the beard, I am even more sure that its a shot from when he was shooting, BUT, with what we have seen in the cameo video, his top clothes are covered by his cloak, so that costume seems very intricate and specific to be hidden under a cloak. There’s a lot of detail in the jacket .


  1. This is an Elizabethan style leather doublet and smock. The cut of the collar, slashwork details is common for a doublet of that time period. You can see the edges of some blackwork stitching around the collar of the smock (shirt) and the ties at the neck of the smock.

    Normally, a king wouldn’t wear leather like this this under his formal robes. He’d wear a similarly cut doublet in silk and one that is more ornate. Since Tim Burton’s films aren’t historical, but fantastical, it could be used in other ways. But most of the other costumes I’ve seen from the stills are heavily Elizabethan influenced.

    (Signed, A Former Renaissance Faire Geek and current historical costume hobbyist.)


    • Welcome Heather. I think he looks like an aged Romeo ( but in a good way). Still, what I don’t understand is this: if all he does is sit on his throne as we’ve seen in the trailers, why did they need such an elaborate shirt (doublet) underneath? Maybe there’s a little more to the role than we think? (wishful thinking) or maybe the costumer designer didn’t get the memo.


      • In my (limited) experience, it could be either way. Many film costume designers will clothe an actor from the skin out, just in case a change occurs in the scene (“Hey, why don’t we have this guy throw a tantrum and fling his robe across the room!) or just in case it comes open in a shot or two and the underlayers are visible. That way there’s something moderately appropriate there.

        OR there could be another scene no one has mentioned (one can dream!). Aged Romeo is right! – Just the right age, in my opinion.

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    • “Elizabethan” was exactly the thought that came to mind when I saw this. Fingers crossed we’ll see him looking like this in the movie! Maybe the wig will be something he just wears with the crown? Wishful thinking on my part!! *sigh*


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