Can Poetry Prevail? Audie Awards Live Stream Wednesday, 7:30 EDT.

Remember, Richard Armitage is nominated for Best Male Narrator for the freebie, his Classic Love Poems. But, there is some stiff competition, and what might be considered by some, weightier work. He’s up against John Malkovich for Breakfast of Champions? for example. Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 6.43.46 PM


15 thoughts on “Can Poetry Prevail? Audie Awards Live Stream Wednesday, 7:30 EDT.

  1. The poems are lovely but don’t truly showcase his incredible ability to narrate like he does in other books he has done. I’m taking my time listening to David Copperfield and he blows me away with how he is able to voice such a large cast of characters. I’m not a Dickens fan but I know I will listen to this over and over. He manages to make me squirm every time he voices Uriah Heep, for example! *shudders* Of course one of my favourites is “The Lords of the North” I really wish Audible was able to offer it to their listeners. I’m so very thankful I was able to buy the CD’s when they were still available. And I DON’T lend them out!! 🙂

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    • Agree with everything you say, TLOTN included. I was lucky enough to buy it before it disappeared. My absolute all time fave is Hamlet, though, as story and feelings evoked. But I agree DC is his personal masterpiece as narrator.


    • I’m heartbroken the company went into closure and that is no longer available 😦 i would have loved to have it. I’ve not managed to sit down and enjoy all his video stuff but i have devoured all his audio stuff that i could get my hands on, nothing like listening to his voice! I felt utterly bereft the day i finished Copperfield.
      The poems are the only thing that i enjoy but feel not even close to his potential. It’s strange i don’t know why, maybe because it is too personal and there is no character to embody? Whatever it may be i hope he takes another stab at poetry sometimes 🙂


  2. I am almost wishing he won’t get this award for the poems – just because it might scupper his chances for Audie awards next year when his David Copperfield should be in the running. And THAT truly deserves an award (says the woman who hasn’t even finished DC yet *blushes*)

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    • Same here 😉
      I hope so much he can get a nomination for DC next year. So many characters, so many voices and each one is perfect. A masterpiece.


  3. Have read Hamlet, DC, The Chimes, Convenient Marriage, Venetia, Classic Love Poems. Now it’s Sylvester. Like all, but my faves are DC and Chimes. Brilliant performance! And I’m anxious to listen to The Lords of the North but still can’t find it. Fingers crossed for RA to win this year with Classic Love Poems


  4. just watched the audible awards show last night and was very disappointed that Mr. Richard Armitage didn’t win, but I have a very good feeling that Mr. Richard Armitage is going to win next year for David Copperfield.


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