Berlin Station: Hulu Has Deal to Show Epix Content

[ETA] Heres the info on Sling TV, which will have all Epix channels for a $ 5.00 premium.

Sent to me by an Richard Armitage fan, this article says that Hulu will have streaming rights for EPIX original content – i.e. Berlin Station.  Here

I found this info out  a while ago ( those this article is new) somewhere when I was trying to figure out whether I would be able to find Berlin Station  in Mexico through regular (ahem) channels. Just be aware that I think the EPIX content will not be available immediately, but only 60 days after original broadcast.

I’ll try and track that additional info down. Epix is also available through SLING TV, which you can watch on line as well as through hoe streaming services like Roku, Apple, etc

In addition, Amazon  Prime streaming now has add-ons that allow you to subscribe, for an additional fee, to other providers, and Hulu is of them.  Seems very round about, I know. But here’s hoping for the best.

Thanks very much to RA re-blogger.


9 thoughts on “Berlin Station: Hulu Has Deal to Show Epix Content

  1. Interesting. And I just read that Hulu in turn is ramping up their licensing deals and are planning to offer the streaming of “live programming from broadcast and cable brands”, i.e. cable shows would be streamed live on Hulu. However, that is apparently not planned until 2017, so may come too late for us to catch Berlin Station as it airs…


    • Honestly, I get hives worrying about whether I’ll be able to see this timely. And I may not know until it is actually the night in question. Alternative is finding some friend here who has Shaw (Canadian) satellite service and begging them to let me come over 1for 12 nights ( or is it 10?) once a week.


      • Yeah, I am wondering about that, too. Mind you, it worked out fairly well with Hannibal last year, so my hopes are that some solution will pop up in case of Berlin Station, too. As for temporarily moving in with your friends: Sure they would be delighted to have you. Especially if you supply the hors d’oeuvres?


  2. This is great news. Sorry it will be 60 days later, but it’s better than nothing. I still think I can watch it in real time if I can get my Mom to subscribe to EPIX (I’ll pay!) and I’m hopeful that it’ll be a similar situation to Hannibal, but not as sure about that… Hannibal already had a loyal following.


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