An Unusual Tweet for @RCArmitage

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32 thoughts on “An Unusual Tweet for @RCArmitage

        • Still impressive. The last time I was excited about European football was two years ago when Mexico made it further than expected, and before that, when the woman’s U.S. team did so well. All in all, it’s a real high when the home team wins


          • Very impressive. So much so that the bookies were offering to buy back bets at a standard fee πŸ˜‚. I think they were worried about their returns…
            And yes, this is a wonderful, classic underdog story. Who wouldn’t like it? LCFC is definitely not my home team, but the story appeals.

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  1. Perfect tweet to show he’s proud and happy for his family and his city, but not faking a passion he never had πŸ˜‰
    Back home… so I suppose he is not in UK right now. The image of Chris levitating on his seat is just wonderful.
    Nice if Jed and Mark to tweet him.
    Congrats to Leicester and, forgive “my” proud, to Mr Ranieri, a rare gentleman in that garbage that soccer is.


    • I’m not native english so I’m a bit confused “back home” seems to suggest he is not there, but is it common to use the past continuous to descrive something you are not present at but you can just imagine, like “(he) is levitating out” ? Language questions XD


      • I agree that he is being a bit confusing here (and perhaps deliberately so), artdelabeaute. ‘Back home’ implies he is not in the UK or perhaps that he is in London but not in Leicester. But, by using the present tense for his brother’s actions, he suggests that he is in the room and witnessing it. Perhaps he doesn’t want people to know he’s in Leicester in case the fans come knocking for autographs on his brother’s/parents’ front door.

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      • I think he’s indicating he is not in UK. I don;t know if he would use “back home” if he were inLondon – but who knows? As to the other – the use of the present tense – I think he is imagining that, knowing his brother’s devotion to the team, he would be levitating out of his seat – or flying high – whatever.


        • When I wasn’t living in my hometown but in another English city, I used to say ‘back home’. It didn’t mean I was out of the country. However, I’m not denying that he might be back in NYC or elsewhere. Perhaps he was Skyping his brother when the results came in and he saw him flying, LOL!


  2. He was really quick with his tweet. He actually has sent it out almost immediatley after it was clear that Leicester City had won the Premier League! That makes me think he must have watched the outcome closely.


    • I agree. My family and I watched the Tottenham/Chelsea match, and the tweet came as it became clear that Leicester would win the Premier League.
      As for the wording: Seems to indicate he was with his brother at the time, but maybe not in Leicester. Either way, it’s a brilliant, lovely tweet – Hope he doesn’t take it down.


    • I live in Asia and I watch the game between Chelsea and Spurs lives on tv from cable in my country.You don’t have to be in uk to watch closely to know the result immediately. πŸ™‚


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