Urban Interview: Richard Armitage Disputes W.C. Fields

A few new shots, I think. ( see below)

Portraying live people – something he had wanted to do.

More family details – Richard Armitage has a huge  extended family ( many in Leeds. did we know that?)

It was W.C. Fields, often misquoted, who is reputed to have  said, [N]ever act with children or animals. ( P.S. , BTS at Shakespeare Live 400, Dames Judi Dench and Helen Mirren said never work with children, animals or Prince Charles.) Richard Armitage mentions that he’s never really played with children or animals. I guess horses don’t count, since they are not expected to act or do tricks, but he has worked with some teen actors.

Anna Friel gives warmth to her portrayal of Greta – not sure that’s in the book.

And, what’s going on with his hairline?

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6 thoughts on “Urban Interview: Richard Armitage Disputes W.C. Fields

  1. A nice interview but very sad that there isn’t hope for more people to see the film, despite RA’s hard work. Especially sad for those young actors just starting out, they must have had such high hopes. It appears C Brady has moved on and Urban has sunk without a trace. So much for trying to raise the plight of unfortunate children.


    • Candida Brady is working on a sequel to her documentary Trashed, but she ought to be able to manage two projects, one of which doesn’t require that much face to face time. It was suggested that it’s been given over to a salesperson with a contract for a specific time to make a deal, and if not, then she gets it back to try and find someone else It’s a good theory based on what I’ve read about indie film distribution.


  2. Oh, I DO hope we get to see the film.
    We did get some new titbits here. I seem to recall a mention of an aunt in Nottingham.
    What do you mean by “going on with his hairline”?


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