L.A. FF Line-up Announced – No Sleepwalker

At least, as of now, there is no announcement of a screening, and it is not in competition.  Here

There were hopes that since Elliott Lester successfully screened the critically acclaimed Nightingale, there, Sleepwalker might have an edge.

12 thoughts on “L.A. FF Line-up Announced – No Sleepwalker

  1. Mr. Richard Armitage is a hauntingly, sexy, great theater and movie actor, why are these people not releasing his movies. honestly, if you are not going to show them in theaters then at least put them on dvds, Comcast’s On Demand, Netflix, etc. there are a lot of people out there that want to see his movies. I have seen from different web sites of Mr. Richard Armitage filming & photos of the t.v. series, Berlin Station and it looks very exciting and interesting, I hope it will get shown on t.v. Mr. Richard Armitage puts his heart and soul into these movies/ projects and I think it is such a damn shame that we won’t be able to see his movies or any other projects that he has done.


  2. Perhaps he will now shy away from Independent films no matter how satisfying they are to work on it must be crushing when no-one wants to release them.


    • I suppose he makes decisions based on what’s offered and we can’t know if faced with two conflicting offers ( i.e. scheduling means he can only do one), what factors he would consider.


  3. I’m guessing that they haven’t given up on selling Sleepwalker. If they did, they would send it to video. It takes a long time sometimes to get a movie out. If you have a film (or any project) you like and believe in, it is difficult to send it somewhere below what you think it is worth. (Perry, this is also a test of my account. My website was listed as something strange.)


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