Solid Hope for Armitage Fans to See Pilgrimage and BOF

Broad Green Pictures, the U.S. distributor for Pilgrimage and Brain on Fire see here , two of Richard Armitage’s completed films, has announced a multi-year deal with Amazon to provide content ( films) for rental and streaming on Amazon and Amazon Prime. Variety,


Some Broad Green titles have already been available on Amazon for streaming on a rental basis. The new output deal makes Broad Green titles part of the basic Amazon Prime monthly service, following theatrical and home entertainment windows. Titles will be available for streaming and download.

Working with Amazon to share our titles on Prime Video now gives us the ability to strategically promote our films across more platforms, to reach even more viewers,” said Steve Nickerson, president of Home Entertainment at Broad Green Pictures.

Thus, there’s an excellent, almost certain chance, that, regardless of what happens with theater distribution, both Pilgrimage and Brain on Fire will be available to a large segment of Richard Armitage fans, possibly sooner, rather than later, if one is willing to rent a stream of either film.


Stay tuned for a recap of what we know of the fate of Sleepwalker so far.

11 thoughts on “Solid Hope for Armitage Fans to See Pilgrimage and BOF

  1. Thank you for the information, but there is nothing like the excitement of seeing RA on the cinema screen, I can’t do justice to the feeling I had each time his name appeared on the credits, Captain America was really special as the names were repeated.
    I’ve only watched the Crucible on my laptop once.


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