Losing Sleep over Sleepwalker Worries

Sleepwalker – not exactly an update, since the only news I have, I had at the time of this post – which was that Elliott Lester “delivered” the film in August 2015. Maybe they ought to consider changing the title, since there are other Sleepwalker and The Sleepwalker titles out there already. What I don’t know, is whether Marvista, a co-producer, is also handling the distribution end of this.

Armitage Agonistes

ElliottLester-27Oct2014Sleepwalker, directed by Elliott Lester, who, at the time was coming off his triumph for Nightingale, was completed and scheduled for release in 2015. The scriptwriter, Jack Olsen, is a relatively unknown. Sleepwalker would be his first feature film credit. Olsen has another film in production.

Elliott Lester was lucky and talented enough to get Brad Pitt’s company, Plan B to finance and enter a distribtution deal for Nightingale, which was only shown at film festivals and then released on HBO. You might want to compare Plan B’s roster to those of the production companies that financed Sleepwalker. Brad Pitt can really pick them. 12 Years a Slave, Selma, and The Big Short are among Plan B’s most recent releases.

My first concern is that the primary producer for Sleepwalker, Night and Day Pictures , hasn’t done much of note since Waitress in 2007,   if you can call…

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4 thoughts on “Losing Sleep over Sleepwalker Worries

  1. sigh, i guess i am getting used to the idea that not everything that gets made actually sees the light of day :-S I will be turning to the future and hope for things that catch more interest i guess… theater?


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