Feet Repeat?

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 6.37.39 PM

Filming early today for Berlin Station. Haven’t we seen those shoes before? 

Screen shot from this vid attributed to @ArmitageGlobal by Me and Richard ( I recommend this longer video from today’s Berlin Station  shooting on Canary Islands.)

download (12)

Richard Armitage at the 2009 Premiere for Carrie’s War. Source

Truly, I had hope never to see that footwear again, but Richard Armitage sure looked hot in his hot weather wear earlier.

One thought on “Feet Repeat?

  1. Which longer video?
    Anyway, the shoes with that look were perfect. He was perfectly dressed yesterday, I have hopes about Berlin Station costumists. 😉 The little I saw was great.
    Also, as it should always be and WASN’T in Urban, clothes and shoes look used, not just taken out of a bag-box.


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