Will Richard Armitage Get His Goat, or Just Plenty of Asses?

Today’s latest Armitage news reveled that Berlin Station will be filming on the Spanish Canary Island of Fuertaventura. Will we see a selfie of Richard Armitage on a camel?

Turns out, the island has some of the best cabra ( goat meat) anywhere.

download (10)503009440

And more:

All mammals on the island have been introduced accidentally – or as in the case of the camel, donkey and goat – deliberately. Shepherds and their flocks of goats are a common sight in the hills and on the rolling plains; the goat meat and milk of Fuerteventura is reckoned to be the best of the Canaries for the animals feed on the wild grasses, lichens and aromatic herbs which grow wild on the dry steppe and scree. Feral donkeys and goats roam freely in some of the more remote parts of the island on the west coast.


6 thoughts on “Will Richard Armitage Get His Goat, or Just Plenty of Asses?

    • Goat meat is common in this region of Mexico, especially in a dish called Birria I don’t eat it, myself, ( I’m squeamish, and also don’t eat mutton, have lamb only occasionally and was tricked into rabbit) but from one or two comments RA has made in the past, he seems adventuresome when it comes to food. On the other hand, I’m sure there’s some great fresh fish and seafood there as well. There certainly was on Majorca, another Spanish resort island.

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    • He might enjoy it. Probably gamey and tasty. I love goat cheese, too, and now there is a local store that sells goat milk ice cream. I might give it a try, as the ice cream in Mexico is not quite what I’m used to.


  1. Things Richard Probably Won’t do In FuertaVentura
    Go surfing/scuba diving/swim in ocean (aversion to water sports)
    Learn Spanish (not enough time)
    Take a selfie on the beach with just swim trunks on (might get sunburn)
    Eat goat meat (cause controversy over questionable dietary choices)


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