Richard Armitage + New York Times Book Review

A PODCAST: Thanks to Micra, via Faboamento
At 35:23

3 thoughts on “Richard Armitage + New York Times Book Review

  1. Sorry, i wanted to slap her on the Thorin-dwarf issue… it really irritates me as it shows she knows zilch about Thorin other than his name 😦 Anyway, breath in and out.. and in .. and out…
    And he had a choice?????? oh, now i instantly no longer feel any guilt whatsoever for the recurring times i want to slap any of the DC characters, like Dora or Copperfield himself more often than not. Like every time he says something or someone is the ‘most’ something or other in the world, or in life or in existence or so on… or when the plot brings characters together in the most unlikely ways. After i’, done with this i won’t touch a book based on that time-period for at least a year, the frustration and irritation is giving me an ulcer.

    What an absolute ‘relief’ then that the next one we can most likely look forward to is the Dostoyevksy murder one…. as my gran used to say ‘from lake straight into the fountain..’


    • Why listen to something then if you don’t like it at all and it only gives you frustration and irritation ? If it would make me that angry ( at least it comes across like this in your writing) I would simply skip it. I’m very grateful to the interviewer- she asked really good questions and many questions about how he prepares for audiobooks, gets his voices right etc. were answered for the very first time.


      • Because I’m a fan? 😉 no, really, I appreciate his extraordinary narration skills very much. It is because he is so good that he makes me feel so strongly about characters and circumstances, which from our perspective and especially from a woman’s pov are often very frustrating. It’s a story of extremes and caricatures and well done it inspires strong feelings. I just don’t feel sympathetic to those times and I think very likely we’re not meant to feel sympathetic but towards a small minority of characters.


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