Strike Back


Somebody’s reading . . . And trying to pacify everyone.

7 thoughts on “Strike Back

  1. If he is trying to pacify everyone, then I suspect this post will not do the job. The bones and the like are not exactly sensitive to vegetarians and vegans. Poor guy should just give up and be himself. It isn’t his fault Michelle Forbes brought up this topic. On the plus side, it is nice to see him having some time to relax and show some personality on twitter.


    • It seems to me that in his tweet about Michelle Forbes he was defending or supporting or validating her – something he didn’t do in a little bit similar past situations. Here, there were two criticisms of her: one was her using him unwittingly to ( it seemed unwittingly,) rpomote her agenda and one


  2. I wouldn’t worry csprof – I’m a vegetarian who eats very little dairy and I’m not offended by his post. I’ve had to scroll past several ill informed rants about veganism this week ( for the record I don’t have to take supplements, I’m not pale, I don’t fart much and sadly I’m not thin) but I’m glad he’s having his say. It serves MF right for using him IMO.


  3. And with the other tweet to Miss F. he did an extreme act of kindness for the peace on set and BS promo (and vegans/vegetarians following him) but he just very firmly said: Thank you, I have MY nutritionist that I follow since I live in NY and attend the gym Fr Mike is head nutritionist and I need nothing else. BTW, Dr Mike is among the 100 most influental people in nutritional/health field, with an impressive CV. The gym is #3 in US. The owner was followed by RA (along with Dr Mike) immediately when he opened his twitter account. He really doesn’t need further advice. Oh, and if I’d want to be VERY naughty, I’d say he has a very close “friend” who is a nutritionist too. 😛


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