Who Will Actually Play Matthew Clairmont?

A Discovery of Witches, long hoped as a vehicle by fans for Richard Armitage ( as Matthew Clairmont), is finally making it to the screen. The small screen.here

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 7.11.10 AM

I couldn’t get through the book myself, but condolences to all those Armitage fans who lobbied hard for our guy to get the role in the movie, if there was one. I don’t see it happening now. Aidan Turner, maybe, or some dark haired, drop dead gorgeous, unknown actor?

6 thoughts on “Who Will Actually Play Matthew Clairmont?

  1. Just out of interest – what makes you believe that RA is out of the running for the series? Because it is TV? Because it is not attached to the BBC anymore? Well, if he should start following Bad Wolf Productions on Twitter, we’ll know… 😉

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    • Out of the Running” has the ring of his being rejected. I think there are younger cheaper actors they can get, age is an issue, and I wonder whether he’d be interested. (But then he says he takes anything). Just my feeling. Yes – a follow would be a hint.

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