Oy Ve-gan

What timing, considering our Armitage convos and tweets today.
LOL – this is similar to an imagined statement I wondered if we’d ever hear Richard Armitage say.
Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 11.24.45 PM

Not that I’m comparing working with Michelle Forbes to undergoing by-pass surgery. Anyone who watched Bill Clinton on the campaign trail knows he had terrible eating habits and excessively supersized every fast food meal he could.

2 thoughts on “Oy Ve-gan

  1. Perry, I wonder if I was the only one to think this way about MF. You said everything! It is a very personal decision for someone like him and she spoke on name him. The maiorida of his followers on Twitter are “Well wishers” and she is excited with it and promoting the vegani diet.

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  2. i’m with you on that statement and good on Clinton, i am glad he is doing well after surgery and so on, that kind of thing as any heart trouble will change your lifestyle forever… lifestyle before obviously influences but that is no news.


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