And Some Say We Fans Get Too Personal

End of pork pie and cheese for Richard Armitage? End of chocolate ice cream? End of healthy salmon and lentils? End of pizza??

Yesterday, these sprouted up, and already some fans are promising to follow the example, and become vegans.




13 thoughts on “And Some Say We Fans Get Too Personal

    • Welcome. I think it’s sort of a personal issue that he could decide if he wants to share, or not. I think many people of all dietary philosophies agree that too much dairy and meat ( and for some, wheat) is unhealthy – but then, too much of any food is probably unhealthy.


      • exactly 🙂 and each body is different, some people can’t tolerate certain substances and then you need to be eating certain ways for medical reasons. Anything else is a personal choice and every single body is different, male and female metabolisms are quite different, things change with age a lot, the body processes vitamins and other necessary substances different (supplements vs natural product etc) Science has proven time and time again that the body reacts to any excess and lack off by trying to compensate, reducing and amplifying functions (v interesting recent series o documentaries on BBC on the subject). I for one am more a believer of great variety and moderate quantities 🙂 I’d reduce/eliminate alcohol and caffeine before eliminating any food stuff completely, but that’s just me, the science freak 😉
        I don’t care about individual choices, everyone is their own master and may manage their health as they please. I don’t base my health decisions on what other people say 🙂 And i don;t think people should either without proper research.


        • To each his/her own. Some are vegetarians because of moral issues – the vegan thing, the gluten-free thing. I have friends who say they are carb sensitive, that they make them gain or retain more weight than any other food, including fat and sugar — I don’t know. It sure makes it difficult to throw a dinner party. But then, many, including himself, believe that tennis great Novak Djokovik ‘s entire career turned round for the better when he went gluten free.

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  1. Perry, I am not diabetic, but I’m likely to have. I have to control the level of glucose in my blood. I have done everything to keep up with the balance, until the moon diet, soup, anyway .. all that promised miracles, I did. Currently I’ve been doing on their own, one balanceda diet and cut the meat from my menu. I suffer from irritable intstinho syndrome, but I love dairy products and derivatives and make the intake of these, in moderation, but do not exclude from my diet. I have two friends living in London who were vegetarian and today are adepts of veganism. Honestly, she have an unhealthy aspect of their appearance, blood pressure drop and with down health. I am not in favor of veganism, it is very drakoniano for me. Pesticide-free foods, saturated fat, are very healthy and now I started to read the compositions in packaging. I love Richard, but if her friend, actress, is vegan and say “with property” he is almost a vegan, I will not be adept, though.


  2. I’m a vegetarian and about one slice of haloumi or a chocolate bar a week away from being vegan but I’m rolling my eyes at this turn of events. For me, my diet has been a long journey from a child who gagged at the smell of meat to here, and whilst it feels completely natural and easy for me ( and yes, I do think I have better health for it) I would never suggest it is right for everyone. I also would not recommend making drastic changes to a diet- it was easy for me because cutting out meat and then dairy and eggs was a gradual process. My daughters are also vegan/ vegetarian but my husband and son are not, and that is fine. Considering last year he was covering his face in bacon and eating steak tartare, it seems to me that RA may just be exploring a meat and dairy free lifestyle , or simply being interested in a colleague’s views. I notice when challenged, MF backed down from her original statement and said he was not ‘labeled’ vegan but apparently feeling better without SO MUCH dairy or meat, which is not the same as being vegan at all so I wouldn’t be pegging him as a vegan quite yet. And I am astonished that fans would change their eating habits accordingly- that seems quite bizarre.


    • I don’t really care what food choices he makes ( well, except for cannibalism). He doesn’t strike me as the type of guy who can be bullied/pressured into anything because a colleague bugs him about it. I imagine he would be polite, and do what he wants. Who knows – someday he may say in an interview -” I met Michelle Forbes and I changed my eating habits for life.” I But yes, she did back off.
      I think it’s Chutzpah to shout out to the world something about a decision like this, if it is a decision of his. It seems very personal to me, and annoying that she’s attempting to speak for him. Some think, and I agree, that MF is using RA ( and hence, us) to further her agenda.


      • Lol- I had forgotten about the cannibalism! I’m quite successfully blotting out the whole Hannibal period!

        Yes- it is quite personal and I’d be offended if someone used me In that way. I agree he wouldn’t be bullied into anything – in my experience evangelists to a cause tend to alienate more people than they convert- and is more likely being polite or just interested in the subject. But without wishing to preach, many people do consume far more meat than a generation ago. I read last week that Australians eat 40 chickens each a year, up from 23 twenty years ago. That’s a lot of chickens.


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  5. I rather enjoyed my attempt at eating vegan. My Diabetic Educator–a registered dietician–has been urging me to lessen my meat intake (cutting out beef altogether, and I don’t digest it or pork well anyway, ha!), and increase my vegetable and fruit intake.

    However, I really missed my morning egg while eating vegan, so maybe vegetarian is the better way to go for me. I’ve been heading in this direction for a while now–my lunches are mostly salad, celery, and hummus anyway–and it’s nice to see so many alternative food options (mock meats and such) in the grocery stores. Who knew that tofu could be so tasty? I had the Gardein spicy meatless chicken for lunch today.

    And my doctor says after menopause that women don’t have the protection against cholesterol worries, so for me that means paying closer attention to what I eat. And even though I’m not a “spring chicken” any more–I am middle aged–I was rather surprised that I could make some healthier diet changes, without going into withdrawal for lack of chocolate. Ha! Because I didn’t have vegan chocolate at home, I gave up my desserts–which I needed to do anyway. I was rationalizing keeping my desserts before. *shakes head*

    So seeing the vegan diet mentioned by Michelle Forbes and then looking into it on my own was a nice little exercise for me in trying something a bit different that enhances my health. But like I said, I missed my morning egg these past two days, so I’m going to scale back and try vegetarian for a while. *wink*


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