@RCArmitage Congrats His Mates

And same to you – Congrats

3 thoughts on “@RCArmitage Congrats His Mates

    • There is no question about it, I think. He seems to be thoroughly enjoying his work and stay there, immersing himself in the city and its vibe. It doesn’t seem to me that New York has the same effect on him, much to my disappointment. (On the other hand, based on various fan tracking, I don’t think he’s spent 12 weeks in a row in New York for some time.


      • I guess one of the longest time he spent in NY has been mid August-end October 2015. Hard to say if he went also on a vacation and if he stay always in NY or went Upstate. So…. no, I think NY is for him just a city to stay a short time, a base for job, not to live in. Hence, a flat they have to put a streetlight into to decide who has to enter a room LOL!
        Europe is Europe. Berlin is one of the most dynamic and fantastic city in Europe and a living symbol of disastrous decision in past history. Also, I think Daniel Miller is finding how rotten the situation is, and the man behind him took a stance. OS are among the most depressing books I ever read.


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