How to fall for Richard Armitage

Servetus found her – now you should, too. Welcome a new Armitage blog

Aquilea of the Lonely Mountain

A step by step guide by Aquilea

I’ve finally made up my mind to start a blog about my fandom issues (which is mostly Richard Armitage, no doubt about that). During the last weeks I’ve felt the growing wish, desire, even need to participate more actively in the RArmy. I made a start with initiating the Weekly Thorin Oakenshield Challenge on tumblr, but I feel like there’s more to do. So prepare to hear more from me – more discussions, more thoughts, more fan work. I hope you won’t get fed up with me :p But how to start with this blog? I guess it’s time to recapitulate how I got into this wonderful fandom that now makes me feel so happy and at home – a story of how to fall for Richard Armitage.

The first step

I’ve been a great fantasy lover since I was sixteen which means…

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