Hints of Another Saturn Award Nom for Richard Armitage



6 thoughts on “Hints of Another Saturn Award Nom for Richard Armitage

  1. I don’t agree. “Everyone” is a big term. I saw many tweets to celebs, but not everyone who had a role in a film with one of the genres they cover. And why send a public tweet if he is not nominated at all? Anyway, is there any doubt that his Francis Dolarhyde is worthy of a Saturn Nom under the circumstances? Hannibal was nominated last year as well.


    • But what would be the point to make a Nomination Event if they alert the nominated artist publicly several days before the event? I’m not saying it’s impossible, i just find it unusual


      • I don’t think every single contender was alerted by tweet to tune in A few of the nominees are up for a few categories – so, for example, Bryan Fuller might be alerted because one category nom might be from Hannibal, and so forth. If they were alerting everyone, I think there would have been many more tweets sent out. It’s just my opinion, and also a way to get fans to tune into the You Tube event. It would be sort of mean to notify Richard Armitage personally to tune in, and then not even nominate him. But again, just IMO.


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