The Berlin, Berlinale, Berlin Station Connection

I was wondering how come Richard Armitage and cast and crew of Berlin Station were at Berlinale as a group – since they’re making a TV series, and not a film.

Thanks to the Richard Armitage Bulgaria Facebook Page, I have my answer.

Screen Daily announced

Paramount Television’s Berlin Station is set to become the first international TV series to benefit from the recently created German Motion Picture Fund (GMPF).

The fund provides  financial grants to Berlin productions helping to defray German costs.

The announcement was made in connection with EFM’s  (European Film Market) and Berlinale Co-production Market’s  second annual Drama Series Days. See here, For more about EFM’s Drama Series Days,

The producers, distributors and all involved in the making of Berlin Station seemed to have pulled out all their sharpest business sense to give the series the best start possible.

It’s going to be big, IMO.


3 thoughts on “The Berlin, Berlinale, Berlin Station Connection

  1. I agree, it seems the production is not small and meant to land big next fall. Also, it’s very interesting Germany is so thoroughly involved, this gives me hope we will be able to watch in Europe too 😉


  2. Yes, Europe is possible. I’ve been checking it out – I think Hulu will have it, as a last resort (after 30 days), but tracking EPIX, Paramount and some of the other producers, raises hopes that it will appear on a few cable stations. I’ve been working out how to see it here, and I have a few possibilities ( only one of which means asking some friend to let me come over, if they subscribe to EPIX. I, myself, am unable to subscribe through my cable provider.


  3. Well, it certainly has the air of being expensive 🙂 If big only time will tell and audience reaction, nothing and nobody can really estimate how something will go down, we can only cross fingers, hope for a good script and hope the time it airs people will feel like watching spy drama… They certainly are putting the right ingredients in the cake, there are success stories at the back of both actors, producers and writers.


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