What a Skinny Tie You Have, Mr. Armitage

Thanks to Nimue for this link. Richard Armitage – a more successful Ponce de Leon.


Berlin Ritz-Carlton Medienboard Empfang BB Berlin Station Christoph Fisser (Studio Babelsberg) die Hauptdarsteller Richard Jenkins, Richard Armitage v.l. Foto Manfred Thomas

including a slide-show.

3 thoughts on “What a Skinny Tie You Have, Mr. Armitage

      • yes a spot of colour would have worked, this was very elegant and i liked it but looking at the rest of the guests these things are much more relaxed in Berlin which is fun 🙂 I think a different colour would have worked if the shirt had not been white, ie coordinate shirt and tie in a different colour. This he could have put together himself without a big headache 😉


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