A Valentine from Richard Armitage


What luck for us! Richard Armitage at he Berlinale, on on Valetine’s Day, too.

And, clean shaven, more or less. Looking really good.

Source ( via Fabo)

And, he finally was invited to something sweet ( Take that Bafta Tea Party!)



20 thoughts on “A Valentine from Richard Armitage

  1. According to the invitation list, all German actors of distinction were there with him, too . I wonder if he will meet Michael Haneke there. Hopefully a good opportunity to make new contacts.


      • It’s the Berlinale, i would have been very surprised if he hadn’t 🙂 i hope he has time to see quite a few of the films as well 🙂 And i think we can almost safely say he was the best dressed there, at least from pic i saw 🙂 Germany /Berlin obviously becomes him 🙂 Did you see the closer pics Nimue linked below? the shirt actually has a black detail around the collar, v interesting 🙂 i can’t stop looking at him and smiling


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  3. I should probably be asleep but happy to find this in my mail before I headed off to bed. I may have sweet dreams now! 😉 I think he looks fantastic and I love the double breasted waistcoat! *sigh*


  4. Re BAFTA Tea Parties, it does make them appear fickle, doesn’t it, that we haven’t seen him part if that anymore? But I’d like to think it’s because he’s been working clear across the world and just can’t. Very glad he was able to be a part of this. A very classy-looking, well-managed event too.


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