Bright Star. Audie Nom for Richard Armitage Reading Classic Love Poems


This makes two years in a row that Richard Armitage has been nominated for Audie Awards ( two nominations, last year).

It tickles me that the article cited ( and perhaps, the Audible press release) listed Richard Armitage among the highlights:


  • Stage and screen actor Richard Armitage’s swoon-worthy performance of Classic Love Poems in the “Best Male Narrator” category.

Not a word about Thorin Oakenshield or The Hobbit – just stage and screen actor, is the description given, oh, and swoon-worthy – well, yes.

Also rewarding is the fact that he’s nominated for reading poetry, and not some best-seller or classic that might have a leg up in sales because of its popularity.

And it was FREE! That particular audiobook came to fans of Armitage and Audible as a wonderful Valentine’s present, wrapped up in a swoon-worthy interview, both for its content and how fresh and stunning our guy looked that day.

Congratulations, Audible and Armitage. You appear to be a winning combination.

Maybe they can make it three in a row, after 2016’s David Copperfield. (more about that later)



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7 thoughts on “Bright Star. Audie Nom for Richard Armitage Reading Classic Love Poems

  1. It’s neat that he is nominated for something that probably was a couple days’ work. I like that he keeps being nominated for awards. Eventually he is bound to win one.


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