What Richard Armitage Loves About DC


“I think David Copperfield is Dickens’ broadest, most humorous and moving epic novel,” said Armitage. “His treatment in this work of birth, life, love and death had a huge impact on me the first time I read it. It gave me immense pleasure to attempt to bring these vivid characters to life for Audible. The resilience and tenacity of the central protagonist and the paths which Dickens carves out for David, through his extraordinary life, touch the heart and soul, bringing tears of both laughter and of deep sadness.”

“That this work was considered largely autobiographical makes for a truly immersive read and is one of my favorite works of classic English literature,” added Armitage. “I’m very proud to have been asked to read this beloved book. I hope you enjoy listening.”

original source @S_antonton vis Micra

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