Mañana, “Oy”

(ICYDK The Spanish word for today, hoy is pronounced oy.)


OMG, in one more day I will  be forcing myself to listen to  listening to  David Copperfield ( narrated by Richard ).  Or maybe sooner. As Mr McCawber said ( in David Copperfield) “[m]y advice is to never do tomorrow what you can do today.” Little did he know about the digital world, where tomorrow can actually be today. If the audiobook is released tomorrow, UK time ( as it says on the Audible UK website), I might be able to start it today, in about an hour.

Look out for tomorrow’s promised Audible video interview with Richard Armitage. Not to raise a sore subject, but I doubt he will say anything about changing his fans’ tastes.

Now, about this photo ( from the summer) – is he just reading, or is he concentrating hard? Either way, this photo, though not as beautiful as some of the Hamlet BTS shots, has really got something going for it. Meanwhile, good looking, regular Hanes looking T-shirt. I wonder who does his laundry?

Can’t wait to see more.





2 thoughts on “Mañana, “Oy”

  1. I love this look on him. About that reading or not, I was to say he was reading at that moment, but if he is, would not the click sound of the camera have been heard and they would have to go through extra work to remove the sound from recording? But with today’s technology, that should be easy to do. Anyway, I am rambling and will go back to look at his beautiful profile 😀 ❤


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