Fangirl Finally Gets a Date With “Her Guy”

Never say Never

Fangirl Starts Dating Jake T. Austin After Relentlessly Tweeting Him Since 2009


01/19/2016 11:17 am ET

Jake T. Austin of “Wizards of Waverly Place” fame (that rando Selena Gomez Disney Channel show) has reportedly started dating Danielle Caesar, a fan who has been tweeting at him for more than five years.

Some outlets say Caesar has been contacting Austin over social media since 2009, practically begging the Disney star to acknowledge her presence online with tweets like, “Me and @jaketaustin are getting married. Shhh =x he just doesn’t know it yet 😉 yes I know I’m a freak :D.”

A freak GENIUS is more like it.

Validating every celebrity crush you’ve ever had, Caesar’s persistence has apparently paid off. The 22-year-old, evidently now in a relationship with Austin, can now die happy with him in her arms, while we’re still camping out at various SoulCycle locations around the city hoping to catch a glimpse of Jake Gyllenhaal.

“I’m crazy for her,” Austin captioned a photo of himself and Caesar sharing a kiss.

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12 thoughts on “Fangirl Finally Gets a Date With “Her Guy”

  1. What the F***? So, if you act like a psycho bitch stalking a celebrity you can actually get a date with them?
    Like most people, I don’t even know the hell this Jake T. Austin guy is. If he was that famous why aren’t more people bothering him? Maybe, this just a publicity stunt to garner more support for his career?
    I just don’t get why anyone would want to be a relationship someone who stalks them non-stop. I think it just plain creepy.


    • Situations like this might not be the dream they seems to be for several reasons. Some fans that have the chance to spend a lot of time with their idols are disappointed, because they mythologized them and to befriend or date them make them return to their human dimension. Maybe they are wonderful human being, but still human. Some fans can’t manage to accept it.


      • I think that’s very true. I had a slightly similar experience when I spent time with one celebrity ( not a date) and he disgusted me – but I still love his work.


  2. then you have the flip side with Justin Bieber posting a pic of a girl on Instagram and telling his fans to track her down and find out who she is. it’s a brave new world…


  3. Can’t help but smile 🙂
    Rather cute story. I don’t know who Jake T. Austin is either.
    I had read about Bieber noticing a young woman at a concert and then tweeted asking who she was. Pretty bold of him, I’d say, but rather cool/cute.
    There’s always the danger of the dream not living up to reality, but don’t all relationships start out that way?


  4. Maybe it’s the one in a million case where they are true soul mates. And maybe she is a weirdo who will go “Fatal Attraction” on him if he tries to leave her. I’m not sure he has thought this through, but he’s very young. It will be a life lesson 🙂


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